Fall/Winter 2005 Table of Contents
News from the College
NYU College of Dentistry, ABC7, and Colgate
Cosponsor Weeklong Free Screenings

A young patient gets a dental ID.

Dr. Amr Moursi, Chairman of the Department of Pediatric Dentistry, tells a mother-to-be about the link between a mother's oral health and her newborn's health.
Over 1,800 New Yorkers Participate and ABC7 Reports Significant Viewer Share Increase for Oral Health Broadcasts

From Monday, September 19, through Friday, September 23, the NYU College of Dentistry opened its doors to over 1,800 adults and children for five days of free oral health screenings cosponsored by ABC7 and Colgate. In addition to dental screenings, the event included free oral cancer exams, blood glucose testing, dental IDs, sealants and mouth guards for children, and full denture replacements for senior citizens.

Complimentary oral healthcare products, courtesy of Colgate, were also provided, and a panel of dental experts was on hand to answer questions about oral health.

The Collegeís long-time screening partner, ABC7, promoted the screenings with public service announcements, and popular ABC7 meteorologist Sam Champion once again broadcast stories on oral health, which ABC7 officials report significantly increased their audience share each evening.

The stories included dental IDs for children - a new technique that makes unique dental imprints of childrenís teeth that provide a way of safeguarding youngsters who might get lost, or worse, be abducted; the uses of saliva as a diagnostic tool in detecting cancer, HIV disease and other conditions; the link between a motherís oral health and her newbornís health, including the risk for premature birth and low birth-weight infants; and the advantages of a single tooth implant rather than a traditional three-unit bridge.

"Screening week 2005, which attracted hundreds more participants than last yearís event, underscored the critical need for expanded access to oral health care for New Yorkers of all ages," said Dean Michael C. Alfano. "NYU, ABC7, and Colgate are proud to partner to offer as much care as possible to our fellow New Yorkers."

A single tooth implant.

Dr. Daniel Malamud with a saliva sample.