Fall/Winter 2005 Table of Contents
Celebrating Our Community
2005 NYUCD Blood Drive Donations
More Than Double Past Years’ Totals
Recently, NYUCD completed its third annual New York Blood Center Blood Drive, collecting 94 pints of blood in just five-and-a-half hours. In both 2003 and 2004, the blood drive was conducted over two days, but the totals were 46 pints and 39 pints, respectively. A total of 131 NYUCD students, faculty, and staff donated blood; at least 100 additional people had to be turned away because of time constraints.

Special thanks for the success of this drive go to project coordinator Dr. Andrew I. Spielman, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, and to ASDA representatives Michael Vilacarlos, Class of 2007; Rachel Karni, Class of 2007; and Justin Seaman, Class of 2008, who mobilized the student body. "We are very proud of our volunteers," said Dr. Spielman. "They demonstrated a true ‘esprit de corps’ on behalf of a life-saving community mission."