Fall/Winter 2005 Table of Contents
Promoting Our Own
Dr. Dianne Rekow

Dr. Dianne Rekow, Professor of Basic Science and Craniofacial Biology and of Orthodontics and the Director of Translational Research at NYUCD, has been named Chairman of the Department of Basic Science and Craniofacial Biology.

Dr. Rekow said that in addition to seeking innovative approaches to incorporating new material into the curriculum, she plans to step up her efforts to close the gap between basic science and clinical researchers. "The mapping of the human genome has narrowed the distance between basic science and clinical research,” she explained, “and with developments in biotechnology making once unimaginable clinical advances possible, there are increasing opportunities for basic scientists to consider how their research might evolve in the clinical setting.

"Encouraging our basic scientists and clinical researchers to share information will increase the prospects for translational research — so called because it translates novel basic science findings into testable hypotheses for evaluation in clinical trials. Although we will continue to conduct research in very basic areas that may never be tested in patient trials, I believe we can work towards incorporating clinical questions into more of our basic science research objectives.”

"Dr. Rekow is especially well qualified for this position,” said Dean Alfano. “She is the very model of a person who combines mastery of both the basic and clinical sciences."