Fall/Winter 2005 Table of Contents
Focus on Alumni
Class of í42: Still Reuniting After All These Years

Top row (L-R): William Berg, Harry Zuckerman, Milton Waxman, Harold Friedman, Charles Vogel, Henry Pressman, Seymor Koteen (Class of '41), Robert Soloway. Front row (L-R): Shepard Lindenman, Abraham Reiner, Milton Jaffe, Sidney La Pook, Bernard Metrick
The Class of 1942, which has built an unbroken record of annual reunions since the end of World War Two, has witnessed incredible moments in history, including the inauguration of 11 presidents, a walk on the moon, the attacks on Pearl Harbor and the World Trade Center, a cure for polio, the emergence of the Internet, and both the rise and fall of the Berlin Wall.

"I think itís safe to say that we had a love-hate relationship with NYUCD," says Class of 1942 President Dr. Milton Jaffe. "But despite trying circumstances, we never doubted that we were receiving a great education that ultimately prepared us to become competent, successful healthcare professionals."

The Class of í42 can boast its fair share of leaders, including a former Associate Dean of NYUCD, a former Executive Director of the New York State Dental Association, Past Presidents and Executive Directors of numerous dental societies, an admiral in the U.S. Navy, an expert on African history, the director of a free dental clinic, and an Orange County, New York, "Man of the Decade."

Some years ago, a decision was made to support alma mater and provide a lasting tribute to their class by naming the Alumni Relations Office. The dedication plaque reads: The Alumni Relations Office is dedicated to the Class of 1942, which has contributed so much to the community, the profession, the College, and each other.

Says Dr. Jaffe, "Because of NYUCD, we are united in lifelong friendship. Thatís our wish for every class."