Fall 2004 Table of Contents
A Visit by the Tanzanian Ambassador

NYUCD was visited recently by Doctor Augustine Mahiga, UN Ambassador, Tanzania, and some of his colleagues. For the past several years, NYUCD has conducted outreach to Tanzania to establish a dental clinic.

Front row, L-R: Hon. Abeid Mwinyimsa, District Commissioner, Songea, Tanzania; Hon. Ambassador Dr. Augustine Mahiga; Hon. Bertha Mende, District Commissioner, Tanzania; and Dr. Mitchell Pines, NYUCD.

Back row, L-R: Dr. Girish Shah, NYUCD; Ms. Shareen Mani, Henry Schein Inc.; Jason Horn 05; Brent Stanley 05; Erica Barba 05; Daniel Kang 05; Dr. Anthony Vernillo, NYUCD, Coordinator, Miracle Corners of the World (MCW) Dental Outreach Program; Ogo Sow, journalist; and Eddie Bergman, cofounder, Miracle Corners of the World.