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Grants and Philanthropy
The Magic of Planned Giving: Looking for High Interest Rates? Try the NYU Charitable Gift Annuity

In these days of low market interest rates, you can get a higher income with the NYU Charitable Gift Annuity and make a gift to the College of Dentistry.

For a gift of as little as $5,000, the University will pay you a high fixed annual income. The income will be paid to you and/or another person you designate for life, after which the College will use the remaining gift assets for the purpose you specify. Your income is secure, backed by the assets of NYU, and it will be paid at an attractive rate, particularly if you compare it to what CDs and bonds are paying these days.

A charitable gift annuity is a tax-wise strategy, too. You obtain an income tax deduction, and if you make your gift with appreciated stock, you avoid up-front capital gains tax. And you will recognize advantageous tax treatment when you receive your gift annuity income in the years ahead.

The NYU Charitable Gift Annuity can help you accomplish personal and family financial objectives. Your gift can pay income to you alone, or to your spouse or another individual as well. Your income can begin immediately or at a specified date in the future, such as your retirement. Its rewarding, tax-wise and simple, and it adds up to an intelligent investment for you and the College of Dentistry.

How high are the NYU Gift Annuity Rates?
NYU pays gift annuity income at a rate determined by the age of the income beneficiary at the time the gift is made. The following chart illustrates our rates for annuities that pay income to one person for life, with payments beginning immediately.

Its simple to increase your income through the NYU Charitable Gift Annuity. For illustrations of income and tax advantages, please call us at 212-998-6960 or email us at gift.planning@nyu.edu.

Age at Date of Gift Income Rate
70 6.5%
75 7.1%
80 8.0%
85 9.5%
90+ 11.3%