Fall 2004 Table of Contents
Applause, Applause
Part-Time Faculty Newsletter Debuts

The first newsletter for and about NYUCD’s part-time faculty debuted this spring under the direction of Dr. Robert Allan Danti, founding chairman of the Part-Time Faculty Dean’s Advisory Committee and a Clinical Associate Professor of General Dentistry and Management Science. Part-Time Dent Fac News, to be published quarterly, showcases the key role that part-time faculty play in moving NYUCD forward.

Designed to demonstrate respect for our part-time faculty, the newsletter is one of a series of initiatives that have followed from the establishment, three years ago, of NYUCD’s first formally constituted Part-Time Faculty Dean’s Advisory Committee. In addition to fostering the development of the newsletter, the Part-Time Faculty Advisory Committee’s accomplishments include gaining a seat on the Executive Management Council; representation on all NYUCD committees, except those with full-time membership only as defined in the University Bylaws; full participation in the longer-term service awards ceremony; a new, hi-tech faculty lounge; redefinition of the Part-Time Faculty Appointments and Promotions Committee, with a part-time faculty member as chair; and introduction of part-time faculty receptions and other social events, among other new benefits.

“Bob Danti has been the driving force and inspiration behind all of these initiatives,” said Dean Alfano. “When we first spoke about the need to increase our focus on the important contributions of part-time faculty, Bob outlined various strategic priorities, and he made sure that they were achieved. He deserves great credit for increasing part-time faculty recognition and representation. We congratulate him on completing an extremely successful term as founding chairman of the Part-Time Faculty Dean’s Advisory Committee and founding editor of Part-Time Dent Fac News.”

Thank You, Dr. Danti NYUCD owes Dr. Bob Danti a debt of gratitude for inspiring, compiling, and realizing the College’s first newsletter for and about part-time faculty.