Fall 2004 Table of Contents
Invisalign® Integrated into Curriculum

NYUCD has become the second dental school in the United States to require predoctoral students to become experienced in the Invisalign® technique, a method of straightening teeth without wires and brackets that has built a large following among U.S. orthodontists and general dentists.

Originally offered as an elective to the Class of 2003, the course attracted virtually the entire class, who became certified in the technique upon graduation. Students in the Classes of 2004 and 2005 were also offered the course as an elective, and the course became mandatory for sophomores beginning in spring 2004.

The curriculum was developed through a partnership forged by Dr. Mitchell J. Lipp, a Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthodontics and Director of the Predoctoral Curriculum in Orthodontics, and Dr. Louis Shuman, Vice President of Clinical Education for the manufacturer, Align Technology, Inc.

“Invisalign® gives students an unprecedented opportunity to diagnose and treat minor tooth movement problems affecting function and esthetics,” Dr. Lipp said.

“It takes sharp diagnostic skills to determine if Invisalign® is appropriate for a patient, and students have to learn to critically evaluate special software that simulates how it will affect tooth movement. So learning Invisalign® is an exciting challenge that compels students to take ownership of treatment outcomes,” he concluded.