Fall 2004 Table of Contents
Palm-Powered “Expert Guide” for Dentists Created by Dental Informatics Director Elise Eisenberg

As the principal investigator on a mobile medicine technology grant awarded by leading PDA manufacturer Palm, Inc., Dr. Elise Eisenberg, Director of Dental Informatics, has learned a lot about the usefulness of PDAs in dental education. So much so, in fact, that she was selected as one of 35 volunteers to develop a new series of Palm- Powered “Expert Guides” covering a range of professions, including dentistry, engineering, law, medicine, and psychology, among others. The “Expert Guides” are designed to turn any Palm-Powered handheld or smartphone into the ultimate personal and professional resource by offering the Web’s most comprehensive directory of Palm applications, online resources, e-books, and user stories.

“While a PDA is a great calendar and address book, it also holds enormous potential to access concise information needed in classrooms, clinics, and dental offices,” says Dr. Eisenberg. “With the ‘Expert Guide,’ someone like myself, who is extremely familiar with a particular field, has already done the job of searching through a variety of sites to find information and programs, thereby relieving the user of this burden.” Dr. Eisenberg’s “Expert Guide for Dentists” is available at www.palmsource.com/interests/dental.

The guide includes details on an eclectic range of useful sources, including a mobile patient information program that stores dental health information, drug data, a concise medical dictionary, and a handbook on coping with emergencies that includes a guide to bioterrorism agents.

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