Fall 2004 Table of Contents
NYUCD Engages Top Practice Management Consultants to Bring Business World Approaches to Academic Dentistry

Progressive Step in Dental Education

NYUCD has entered into a collaborative agreement with Levin Group, Inc., the leading practice management consulting firm in the U.S., to identify and implement a more comprehensive approach to practice management in dental education. Levin Group will provide NYU faculty, students, and alumni with the necessary business skills to establish and run a successful, profitable private practice.

According to Dean Alfano, “Like every dental college, NYU wants its alumni to continue to be successful. Success in dentistry is a combination of high ethical standards, diagnostic acumen, clinical prowess, and business skills, culminating in high-quality care for patients and great fulfillment for dentists. Notably, when new dental graduates across the nation are asked what additional training they wish they had received in dental school, their number-one answer is business training.

“If a dentist is struggling to make ends meet, he or she will have less opportunity to take continuing education courses, may not be able to support an adequate staff, and may feel increased pressure, all of which will have an unfavorable impact both on patient care and on the dentist’s personal life. The NYU/Levin Group collaboration provides a unique opportunity to merge NYU’s excellent clinical training with a proven practice management method aimed at effectively optimizing practice performance and ensuring professional success.”

NYUCD is collaborating with the Levin Group in the following areas:

  • Developing practice management curricula for predoctoral and postdoctoral programs that incorporate the techniques developed by the Levin Group;
  • Developing a customized, comprehensive training program for the entire NYUCD faculty. This program will cover key aspects of practice management;
  • Assessing and providing “best-model” solutions to optimizing all aspects of the NYU Dental Clinics operations, including scheduling, treatment delivery efficiencies, patient management, financial performance, case presentation, and team effectiveness;
  • Delivering an exclusive series of continuing education programs taught by Levin Group founder Dr. Roger P. Levin, focused on general practice and specialty practice management and marketing; and
  • Periodic articles by Dr. Levin in Global Health Nexus.