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NYUCD Awarded $1 Million Grant for Stem Cell Research
The New York State Department of Health recently awarded an NYU dental research team a three-year, $1 million grant to study the potential use of stem cells to regenerate facial muscles to enable people with traumatic injuries to speak, eat, and smile normally again. The team, led by Dr. Louis Terracio...
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College of Dentistry Awarded $1.9 Million NIH Grant for HIV Research
Seeking to shed new light on HIV’s ability to survive in the body and cause disease, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the NIH has awarded a five-year, $1.9 million grant to an AIDS research team at the College of Dentistry to continue its study of a new mode of HIV replication...
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NYU College of Dentistry Professors Help ADA Promote Evidence-Based Dentistry
Last spring, the American Dental Association invited leading practitioners and dental educators from around the country, including three professors from NYU, to participate in a series of nationwide initiatives designed to promote the use of an evidence-based approach to dental practice. Dr. Mark...
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Santa Fe Group’s First Annual Meskin Symposium Held at NYU College of Dentistry
The Santa Fe Group’s first annual Meskin Symposium, dedicated to the memory of the late Dr. Lawrence H. Meskin, a founding member of the Santa Fe Group (SFG), was held at the NYU College of Dentistry last June. The two-day symposium, “Expanding Access to Primary Care: New Oral Health Workforce Models,”...
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NYU Elective in Teaching Skills Program Encourages Students to Become Dental Educators
In 2003, the NYU College of Dentistry recruited 13 third-year students to participate in an experimental program, the Elective in Teaching Skills Program, which is designed to provide opportunities for students to serve as teaching assistants (TAs) helping first-year students with their preclinical...
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