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NYU Names Dr. Michael Alfano as Executive Vice President
New York University President John Sexton today named Michael C.. Alfano, D.M.D., Ph.D., who has been dean of NYU’s College of Dentistry since 1998, to the post of executive vice president of NYU. As executive vice president, he will oversee the University’s budget and finance operations, the human...
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NYU Dentistry Professor Examines the Role of "Parent" Viruses and Recombination in the Evolution of HIV
As it courses through the body, the HIV virus mutates at a dizzying rate. In fact, the virus evolves so quickly that the diversity of genetic sequences within a single infected individual is roughly comparable to the diversity of influenza sequences worldwide in any given year. Although over 100 HIV...
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New Study Reveals Promising Osteoporosis Treatment
Calcium Phosphate-Based Supplement Improves Bone Strength and Thickness

March 9, 2006 -- A New York University College of Dentistry professor has developed a calcium phosphate-based supplement that -- even at low concentrations -- significantly improves bone strength and thickness without the side effects of many current drug treatments. Dr. Racquel Z. LeGeros, a Professor...
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Discovery Will Provide More Consistent Bone Regeneration
June 8, 2006 – NYUCD researcher Dr. John Ricci has received FDA approval for a new calcium sulfate based nanocomposite to stimulate bone regeneration. The nanocomposite, BoneGen-TR™, resorbs more slowly and regenerates bone more consistently than currently available calcium sulfate treatments. This...
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NYUCD 6th in NIDCR Funding
The recently released rankings for federal research grants to dental institutions in 2005 show that the NYU College of Dentistry ranks sixth in the nation in order of grants funded by the National Institute for Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH)....
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