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iTunes U Debuts at NYU College of Dentistry

The College of Dentistry has become the first school at NYU to offer its students the ability to record course lectures in the classroom and automatically upload the audio files to Apple's iTunes U, where the files are posted within two hours for playback on any computer or MP3 player, thereby eliminating the need for a technician to upload the files. The courses are open only to NYU College of Dentistry students and faculty.

Students record the lectures on Apple Macintosh Mini computers installed in eight of the largest classrooms and lecture halls. When a class ends and the student clicks “stop record,” the file is automatically uploaded to iTunes U.

iTunes U software enables students to easily search, download and play course content in a format resembling the one used for music, movies, and television programming in the iTunes Store.

“The process of podcasting—or playing back—recordings on an iPod, iPhone or other MP3 player enables students to repeatedly access a lecture that they may have missed or need to hear again," said Dr. Elise Eisenberg, Director of Informatics and Digital Support Services at the College of Dentistry. The Office of Informatics worked with NYU Information Technology Services and with Apple to get the system up and running.

According to Dr. Eisenberg, the technical specifications developed for the College of Dentistry’s system can be replicated by other NYU schools that wish to offer their students the ability to automatically upload lectures to iTunes U.

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