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College of Dentistry is Site for "Sopranos" Shoot (Not the Kind with Bullets)

Actor Will Janowitz, who plays Meadow’s dental student boyfriend Finn DeTruillio on “The Sopranos,” during the shooting of a scene in NYUCD’s simulation lab.
The College of Dentistry’s high-tech simulation lab – where first-and second-year dental students learn clinical skills and decision making before they have actual patient contact –- was the site recently of a scene for the HBO hit series, “The Sopranos.”

The scene called for Tony Soprano’s daughter Meadow, a student at Columbia University, to make an urgent phone call to her boyfriend Finn DeTruillio. Finn, a first-year dental student, had been attending the Columbia University School of Dental and Oral Surgery, but became frightened when he found out about Tony’s mob connections and fled to a school in California.

To ensure that the look of the scene would be right, a Sopranos’ location scout called NYUCD to ask about the setting in which first-year dental students learn. Since first- and second-year students attend lectures in the morning and learn in the ultra-modern simulation lab in the afternoon, we suggested that he take a virtual tour of the facility by visiting the NYUCD Web site, Minutes later he called back to say that he was “blown away by the production values.” As luck would have it, the lab was not in use on the particular afternoon that the crew wanted to film. So NYUCD’s sim lab became a sound stage for a day.

To raise the reality level even higher, the location scout invited a dozen NYU dental students to be extras in the scene. You can see them this March in episode two of “The Sopranos” new season.

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