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Starting Your Dental Practice

To follow is a CD-ROM Starting Your Dental Practice: A Complete Guide.

This is provided by the American Dental Association, and is worthwhile viewing for all students, especially those in their final year.

Chapter 1: Professional Ethics
Chapter 2: The Options Available for Entering Dental Practice
Chapter 3: Choosing a Type of Private Practice
Chapter 4: Selecting a Location
Chapter 5: Buying a Practice
Chapter 6: Dental Office Design
Chapter 7: Before You Open the Door
Chapter 8: Staffing Your Practice
Chapter 9: Appointment Control
Chapter 10: The Dental Record
Chapter 11: Continuing Care Systems
Chapter 12: Bookkeeping, Taxes, and Computers
Chapter 13: Patient Payment Plans/Collections
Chapter 14: Patient Dental Benefits
Chapter 15: Practice Marketing
Chapter 16: Laboratory Services
Chapter 17: Financial Planning
Chapter 18: Insurance for the Dentist
Chapter 19: Specialist Referrals and Practice Advisors