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Community Services

Community Services
In addition to providing low-cost, comprehensive dental health services at its mid-Manhattan location, the NYU College of Dentistry also provides extensive dental health outreach programs.

The NYU College of Dentistry:

  • initiated a free, regional oral cancer screening program in 1998 to raise awareness of the importance of oral cancer prevention and early detection. The initiative now includes 30 metropolitan-area health care institutions and professional societies from as far away as Pittsburgh and has catalyzed a national oral cancer awareness campaign sponsored by the ADA;
  • operates the Rosenthal Institute for Aesthetic Dentistry, which is wholly dedicated to fostering education, research, and patient care in dentistry. The Rosenthal Institute combines the look and feel of the best private dental practices in New York City with the ambience of a luxury hotel.
  • conducts a mobile dental care program, Smiling Faces, Going Places, which travels daily throughout New York State to a Head Start program, public school, community health center, or facility for the developmentally disabled, to provide critically needed dental services to more than 5,000 New Yorkers annually, primarily children, who would never see a dentist otherwise.
  • conducts an annual consumer education campaign under the banner of “Ask Your Dentist,” which targets such issues as caries prevention in children, the link between periodontal disease and premature births, preventing smoking among school children, and reducing systemic diseases by promoting periodontal health.

Additional outreach efforts include the following:

  • emergency dental services for 26,000 New Yorkers annually;
  • free oral health care for over 1,000 homeless children living in shelters;
  • a cavity-prevention program that also provides children ages 2 to 11 with free fillings if they follow the program’s recommendations and still get cavities;
  • a special infant dental education area for parents and caregivers;
  • free orthodontic care for poor and minority public school children;
  • free perinatal education and oral health care for homeless mothers and their infants in community shelters throughout the city; and
  • low-cost dental care programs for all New York City college students and their spouses and dependents and all city high school students.

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