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NYUCD Alumni Around the World

Giuseppe Grasso (Implant Dentistry - Class of 2003)
1. Name a recent major accomplishment (faculty appointment, research findings, etc.)
I have a position at the Jewish Hospital of Rome where I conduct Implant surgeries, bone augmentations (such as sinus lift, etc.) and periodontal surgeries. I am also working in a private clinic in Rome called Novamed, I have a private practice in Parioli, Rome, and I am a consultant of Implant surgeries and Prosthodontics at various offices in Rome and Lazio. Soon, I will begin working and developing research in a new clinic in TorVergata.
2. What impact did your time at NYUCD have on your career and life?
Before coming to New York I was a general Dentist with provincial life experience . Now, I am a specialist who visits his colleagues' offices to conduct major surgeries and advanced cases, they otherwise could not manage.

Also, the life experience at NYUCD was fantastic! New York City gave me a broader perspective teaching me that you can always learn from different cultures that are living in the same city, and thus, evolve intellectually and spiritually. I would do it all again a thousand times!
3. Please provide a brief statement on the future of the profession from global perspective.
Our profession is growing and changing rapidly every day. I believe that staying connected in order to exchange experiences from all over the world is essential for the evolution of the profession. Alumni Networks are the key!