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NYU Academy of Distinguished Educators


2013 Academy Inductees

The 2013 Inductees of the NYUCD Academy of Distinguished Educators, from left:
Dr. Rebecca Poling, Vice Dean Louis Terracio, Ms. Winnie Furnari, Dr. Ronald Maitland

The mission of the NYU Academy of Distinguished Educators is to enhance overall teaching at the NYU College of Dentistry and to stimulate excitement among teachers around their intellectual content.

About the Academy

The NYU Academy of Distinguished Educators is an expression of the College's commitment to excellence in teaching, learning, and scholarship. Central to the vision of the Academy is the idea that teaching and learning is fundamental to the core mission of the College and faculty members should be valued for their contributions in this area.

The goals of the Academy are to:

  • Advance the art and science of teaching and learning at the College

  • Stimulate interest in teaching practice, change, innovation, and scholarship

  • Network and collaborate with educators within and beyond the College to share best practices

To achieve these goals the Academy will:

  • Provide mentorship and support to other faculty members

  • Function as a think-tank, exploring issues pertaining to teaching and learning

  • Encourage teaching excellence by inviting experts to share their perspectives

  • Develop venues so that faculty members can present new ideas, methods, and research

  • Encourage and fund projects that advance the teaching mission of the College

Academy Chair: Marjan Moghadam
Executive Director: William Eidtson

The members of the Academy of Distinguished Educators and the Editorial Board of the Journal of the Academy of Distinguished Educators (JADE) hope that you will contact us with your comments and suggestions as we go forward.

Watch video: "Charles Bertolami on the Establishment of the NYU Academy of Distinguished Educators"