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Support and Resources for DDS Students

The NYU College of Dentistry Offices for Student Affairs and Academic Affairs are committed to the continual enhancement of student life by providing the strongest, most personalized services.

  • Weekly, informal, lunchtime sessions with "Student Affairs" in the Commons. Student affairs/academic advising staff meet weekly with students in a casual setting to discuss issues such as academic support, ideas for new clubs, financial aid, creative budgeting, living "money smart" in New York City, and other educational and extracurricular topics.

  • Grade monitoring -- early intervention. All exam grades for all four years of the DDS curriculum -- and especially for first-year students -- are monitored weekly. Students having difficulty meeting average exam class scores are contacted for a counseling evaluation and are offered academic transition and other forms of support, including time management training, test taking skills, tutoring, clinical training assistance, and/or personal counseling. These efforts have led to a very small and diminishing rate of attrition.

  • Career counseling. Resume and cover letter writing assistance and mock job interview training are readily available.

  • National Board Exam process. NYU dental students have access to Kaplan practice questions, personal meetings with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and with Group Practice Directors, and easy-to-understand guidelines for taking board exams, resulting in virtually 100% first-time pass rates on both Part I and Part II of the National Board examinations.

  • Academic advising blog. This Web site ( offers a one-stop location for all inquiries related to academic performance.

  • Email response within 24 hours. Students receive responses to all student affairs-related email inquiries within 24 hours. Other requests, including mailing transcripts to regional dental licensing authorities, are handled in a similarly efficient manner.

  • Stress management. NYUCD offers students numerous programs to help cope with stress, especially during examination weeks.

  • All day "walk-in" hours. Non-appointment visits/walk-ins or emergency visits are responded to immediately by student affairs/academic advising staff trained in providing counseling.

  • Peer and faculty mentoring programs. Incoming students are assigned to peer mentors (upper class students) six weeks before they arrive on campus. Faculty mentors are also actively engaged with students, and are assigned to students within the first weeks of enrollment. The faculty mentor-to-student ratio is currently 1:2.

  • Tutoring. Multiple tutoring sessions are offered in the evenings for small groups of students.

  • Personalized Interviews. All students applying to residency programs are personally interviewed by faculty members in the Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, who then write personalized evaluation letters, resulting in enhanced acceptance rates to these programs.

  • Resource guidance. Student affairs/academic advising staff provide guidance to students in using University-wide resources, including those for interview preparation and resume improvement.

  • Student review of examination calendar. Before examination schedules are finalized, student class representatives are consulted for feedback.

  • Class Officers Meetings with Deans. NYUCD deans meet several times monthly with class officers in all four years to provide a safe, intimate space for students to share their concerns with the deans and to suggest improvements in the learning environment.

  • Annual information sessions. These sessions address major events, such as the graduation process, career choices, national board examinations, postgraduate plans -- including the applications process -- and how to request specific certifications.