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BS in Dental Hygiene

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The Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene Program is comprised of 128 credits. There are two tracks within this program, Track A and Track B. Track A is a four-year dental hygiene program which allows the student to obtain the B.S. degree while also receiving dental hygiene education. Track B (degree completion) is for students who have already completed an accredited program in dental hygiene and now wish to pursue a B.S. degree. Both tracks include unique internship opportunities in specialized areas of focus, such as education, research, public health and healthcare management. Two required internships (100 hours total) must be completed and are carefully selected by the student with faculty advisement. The classes offered within these tracks are unique in that they familiarize the students with varied aspects of healthcare beyond the clinical scope of practice. Education at the baccalaureate level will create more innovative employment opportunities within the field of dentistry and dental hygiene.

Track A:

This curriculum is offered full-time and it is completed within four years. The first year curriculum includes courses in general education, basic sciences and clinical sciences. The second and third years include dental hygiene theory, with a clinical component. The fourth year includes classes in advanced dental hygiene theory, with additional core education requirements to complete necessary degree credits. Students can begin their studies in the Fall, Spring or Summer semesters.

Track B (degree completion):

This curriculum is for a dental hygiene student who has completed an Associate’s degree in dental hygiene from an accredited dental hygiene program and wishes to complete a B.S. degree. A student who completed an initial degree in dental hygiene at another institution may transfer up to 96 credits with a grade of “C” or better. At least 32 credits must be taken through NYU. Students who completed 78 credits for the Associate in Applied Science degree at NYU’s Dental Hygiene program must complete 128 total credits for the Bachelor in Dental Hygiene. Students can begin their studies in Fall, Spring or Summer semesters. Most classes are offered online and can be completed full-time or part-time.

Degree completion students entering in the Fall 2013 semester and subsequent semesters:

Students must complete all NYUCD Dental Hygiene Program core courses for degree eligibility. These may include courses not required for the candidate’s AAS degree but necessary for the NYUCD Dental Hygiene Program.

For out of state residents who will not be taking the NY State Pain Management course through the Dental Hygiene Program at NYUCD, students must submit official completion of certification of local anesthesia/nitrous oxide training. This must be in the form of an official state continuing education certificate showing successful completion of the individual state mandated course. Continuing education credits do not count as transfer credits. Students must still have earned a total of 128 credits for degree conferral of the Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene from NYUCD.

Accelerated Tracks:

For incoming students with possible transfer credits, the B.S. degree may be completed in a shorter period of time. All B.S. track options will be discussed at the time of the applicant’s information sharing session/ interview with an admissions counselor once official transcripts are reviewed.

Read full Curriculum for all Track options.