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Enhanced Learning with Mentors

The NYU College of Dentistry Offices for Student Affairs and Academic Affairs are committed to the continual enhancement of student life by providing the strongest, most personalized services, including achieving academic excellence through collaborative learning experiences with mentors.

Faculty Mentor Program: Students are encouraged to seek mentoring, role models, and professional guidance through a mentoring program with volunteer faculty and students. Faculty mentors offer individual recognition and encouragement, honest criticism, and informal feedback and counseling, and they assist students with long-term career planning. The program, which is open to all predoctoral students and faculty members, helps build lasting relationships as faculty members serve as advisers, advocates, problem solvers, and, most of all, partners in a student's clinical and academic achievement. The faculty mentor-to-student ratio is currently 1:2.

Peer Mentor Program: Each incoming new student is individually assigned a returning student as a Peer Mentor. These students help first-year students as they prepare for transition into the college. They then continue to provide their upperclass "words of wisdom" periodically throughout the entire year, and also serve as a resource to be contacted for information and insights at any time.

New students are notified of their assigned mentors via e-mail at the start of the academic year.