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Teaching With Technology Conference

A full-day conference featuring presentations by current NYU faculty and graduate students on their experiences incorporating technology into their classrooms, as well as information on basic and advanced learning technologies.

Keynote Address: Massively Collaborative: Teaching and Research in a Networked Age

Clay Shirky

Tisch School of the Arts
Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute

Many of the biggest changes wrought by new networking tools are social—people have access to one another, and to one another's work, at a scale and ease unprecedented in history. This creates both challenges and opportunities for the academy. As an educational institution, we see an increasing number of students working collaboratively, whatever faculty expectations might be. As a research institution, collaboration is increasingly moving to large (and in some cases very large) inter-disciplinary and trans-institutional forms. The changes are clear; how we should respond is not.

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Eisner and Lubin Auditorium
Kimmel Center

NYU Center for Teaching Excellence

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