Jerome Bruner Library
on Advancing University Learning

Through its library of articles, books and videotapes, the Center provides the faculty with easy access to the rich and growing literature on human learning. In October 2005, the library was named after Jerome Bruner in appreciation of his contributions to teaching and learning literature, both at NYU and nationwide.

Resources include both the research literature on teaching and learning and the reflective writings of scholars who teach. Some of the videotapes are commercially produced documentaries on teaching, but most of them come out of the Center's work, including tapes of past faculty development workshops and Diversity Series panels. Patrons may check out materials or acquire bibliographies on certain topics.

Our catalog can be accessed here.

You can also browse the catalog by subject.

The Center has produced prepared bibliographies for NYU faculty and teaching assistants. Previously prepared bibliographies include:

Preparing Interactive Lectures

Initiating and Guiding Student Discussion

Learning and Student Motivation

We also offer a general bibliography on teaching and learning, which contains some of the most important introductions to, and basic works on, learning theory and teaching practice.

Interested faculty members and grad students can browse the resources on their own (please contact CAT for an appointment) or obtain the assistance of CAT staff.