showUcare is a week during which we demonstrate that our society really does care. NYU actively collaborates everyday in our global community to work towards achieving social change on various levels. The students featured in these stories are engaged global citizens who care to affect change locally and internationally. They are volunteers, friends, neighbors, allies, and change agents. During showUcare, we would like to share their stories and show you why they care. Click in the right arrow to navigate.
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Brought to you by the Center for Students Activities, Leadership and Service.

My first year at NYU, I received word from home that my best friend Sarah had passed away to cancer. On the anniversary of her passing, I received an email pleading to help a girl named Janet in California. I didn’t know her, but she was a girl, a daughter, & friend to someone. Her story resonated with me. I care because no one should lose anyone to cancer - because being informed is as important as being compassionate. Register as a potential donor as a way of standing up for someone who can’t.
Care because you can.

Ben Dumond

Fraternity and Sorority Life @ NYU has been a platform for my passion for service. Before joining, I helped communities, but never truly had one cause that I was incredibly passionate about. I now have a cause: the fight against illiteracy. I never realized the illiteracy epidemic until I volunteered with 3rd graders in an NYC public school. The nine year olds spoke in broken English and had trouble reading. Chapter books were an anomaly. This is why we partner with First Book to provide books that will help shape a better future. Overcoming illiteracy matters—not enough people realize it.

Asli Durak

I volunteer because there is nothing else in the world that feels more like what I should be doing—what I have to be doing. I want to get out and do more service & listen to more stories in hopes of becoming an active citizen. Millions of homeless pets die every year due to human-related causes. This is why I volunteer. My adopted dog Copper is my best friend, & the community of Best Friends Animal Society is one of the strongest and most supportive forces working toward a day when there are no more homeless pets.

Antonia Forika

Why? Because we all care. Maybe not about the same issues or causes or problems we see, but we all care about something. We don’t always know how to care though. I care about giving people the opportunity to find out how, when, where or if they should act toward what they care about and to think about why at all times.
That’s why I care about Project OutReach.

Dylan Iannitelli

I care because I want to get others involved. The Civic Team changed my life when I realized that service is more than an action—it is an ideology. We engage with students and challenge them to work with their communities, not just for them. When I see someone finally realize the value of intentional service, I know that we are laying the foundation for a better future.

Mitali Thakore

Service is the way I connect with the world around me. I volunteer because in order to face the injustices of the world, we must act as a global community unified in service. The opportunity to travel, learn, and serve with Alternative Breaks can bring out the active citizen in all of us. And a community of active citizens is a fundamental ingredient for change.

Regina Saavedra