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Printing Schedules and Turnaround Times

Rush / Priority Services are available. The following are general guidelines to print production time frames, i.e., turnaround times, for work requests submitted to Reprographics.

Typical Turnaround Times

Copies: Same day service is available, depending on job size.

Stationery: (NYU watermark bond) offset printed (letterhead, envelopes) allow five (5) to seven (7) business days.

Stationery: embossed and/or engraved (letterhead, envelopes) allow fifteen (15) to twenty (20) business days.

Business cards: offset, embossed or thermographic allow five (5) business days.

Carbonless (NCR) forms: allow six (6) business days.

Continuous fan-folded (CFF) forms: allow ten (10) business days.

Color Brochures/Flyers, Books, Booklets and Newsletters: allow seven (7) to ten (10) business days.

Books, Hard Cover Books: Allow fifteen (15) to twenty (20) business days.

Finishing Services: binding, cutting/trimming, drilling/punching, folding, padding, perforating, scoring, stapling/stitching, etc. Add two (2) to three (3) business days to the typical turnaround times above as appropriate to your print project.

Mailing Services: addressing, inserting, labeling, ink-jet printing, CASS certification, bulk mailings, etc. Add three (3) to five (5) business days to the typical turnaround times above as appropriate to your print project.

Although Reprographics will make every possible effort to accommodate any emergency deadline, there may be factors beyond our control that prevent us from meeting requested delivery dates. We strongly urge all of our clients to plan their printing and/or mailing projects with the aforementioned turnaround times in mind.

If we cannot meet your requirements in-house, our print buyers will work with you to contract the work to a commercial printer who can meet your needs utilizing the University’s Purchasing Policy.

How to Send a Job to Us

Simply fill out a Reprographics requisition, including your FAME account codes, an authorized signature, and as much information about the job as possible. If you need help with the form, a Customer Service Representative at our front counter will assist you, or visit our website for instructions.

Please provide as much detailed information as you can regarding your job, a quantity wanted(not boxes), a full description and delivery instructions. If the job is a reprint, please provide the previous job number.

Please provide us with a hard copy/print-out if you submit your job on a disk. See Preparing Documents for Printing.

If you have been given an estimate, be sure to write the estimate and the name of the person who gave you the estimate in the space provided in the upper left corner of the Reprographics requisition.

You can send jobs to Reprographics three ways:

> Visit our Storefront Location at 283 Mercer Street
> Via Interoffice Mail
> Use one of our convient Express Drop Off Locations