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Publishing Software


QuarkXpress® is by far the preferred application among commercial printers and professional artists. Among its strengths are its ability to handle color separations and Pantone™ process and spot colors. The "Collect for Output" utility is a must-use feature for preparing your files for printing — it will gather all your images and save them with your file. Its chief disadvantage is that it will not gather all the fonts used in your file. You must gather all your fonts manually. Available for Windows™ and the Mac™.

Adobe InDesign

Available for Windows™ and the Mac™.

Microsoft™ Word®

Word™ is a good word processor, but it is not a design tool. It can be used for black and white documents, but should not be used for color. If the font you use in your document is not installed on the computer which is used to print, Word® will substitute another installed font, but will not tell which font has been substituted, or even that a substitution has been made. If you want your selected font to be used, you must include the font on your disk with the document. You must gather all images and fonts manually. Available for Windows™ and the Mac™.