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Guidelines for Posters & Signs


  1. Please set up your electronic file so that your document is the finished size. If you want your final output to be 20 x 20 inches, set it up that way in your software. Do not size your document to 8.5 x 11 and ask us to enlarge it. You may not be pleased with the result.
  2. Include all the original image files on your disk. The files will usually be EPS, or TIF files. Please do not give us second-hand files, such as an image placed in a Word document and then transferred (via the Clipboard) to a PageMaker document. We must have the original image files. Images that you have copied off the Web will reproduce badly -- they are too low in resolution.
  3. Include all the fonts used in the document. TrueType fonts need only one file per font. PostScript fonts are preferred for printing, but you must include both the printer file and the screen file for each font.
  4. If you wish your poster to "bleed", that must be included in your electronic file, as supported by your software. If you wish your poster to include specific colors (such as Pantone, or PMS, colors), use your software to include exactly those colors, and to delete any unnecessary colors.
  5. You must provide us with a sample printout of your file. We don't expect it to be actual size, but we need to know what you expect your sign or poster to look like. You can mark up a black and white copy to indicate color.

Note: some applications will help you copy image files and/or font files to your destination disk.

Please refer to the special Reprographics issue of Dollars and Sense, and to your software handbooks for additional assistance. No time to do-it-yourself? Reprographics offers excellent in-house Design Services!

Small Posters/Signs
(11x17 or smaller)

Small posters and signs (up to 11x17 with or without bleeds) can be printed in-house at Reprographics. The following software applications are supported:

  • QuarkXPress 8.x (PC or Mac) -- the recommended software
  • InDesign CS5.x (PC or Mac) -- the recommended software
  • Illustrator CS5.x (PC or Mac) -- the recommended software
  • Word (PC or Mac)
  • Acrobat (pdf files) (PC or Mac)

Large Posters and Signs
(any sign larger than 11x17 and any sign requiring a specific color ink)

These signs must be printed at an outside Vendor. Generally, Reprographics can provide next day service for these items if all required materials are submitted before 2 pm.

Only the following applications are supported for overnight service:

  • QuarkXPress (PC or Mac)
  • Acrobat (pdf files) (PC or Mac) NOTE: if you require specific color matching, such as Pantone colors, DO NOT use Acrobat pdf files: they do not retain accurate color information.

Our best Vendor for large signs accepts only Quark and Acrobat files. Signs/posters prepared with other software can be accomodated with longer turnaround times and higher costs.