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Color, Size, Bleeds & Disks

All full-color printing, whether to laser or offset, uses four colors: CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black). Your computer monitor (and all TV's) uses only 3 colors: RGB (red, green, blue). If you use any image files that are set up as RGB (video screen colors), they must be converted to CMYK for printing. Reprographics can do this for you, but additional charges may apply.

Please make certain that your document size on your disk matches the page size of your finished publication. If you need Repro to resize your document, an additional charge may apply. If you are using bleeds (printing off the edge of the paper), please set up at least a 1/8-inch bleed in your file. If you need Reprographics to adjust your file to include the bleed, an additional charge may apply.

When preparing disks for printing, name your file clearly and print the name of the file on the requisition. Give us all the files we need but only the files we need. Erase any files from the disk that are not needed for printing the job at hand. Do not use any compression utilities. It is better to submit multiple disks. Reprographics and most commercial printers prefer CDs or USB Flash Drives.

And please, always include a hard copy printout with your CD or Drive!