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This time last year NYC was cleaning up after Hurricane Sandy. Luckily we've had a much nicer beginning to the autumn season. With less than two months left in the semester, students are now beginning to look ahead to spring registration, final exams, winter break, and next semester. In this newsletter we offer you information and resources particularly appropriate to the season, as well as useful information on staying involved and connected with what's going on around campus.

THANKSGIVING BREAK: November 28 and 29
As NYU has become a more global university, traveling for the holidays is not always possible for all students. NYU residence halls remain open throughout university breaks and holidays, although some services like dining and campus transportation may be limited or unavailable. If your student is staying on-campus during the break, the Student Resource Center's Thanksgiving Break Guide will be available beginning November 22, 2013 and include information on campus events and facility hours, as well as things to do in NYC. In addition to these resources, the university community has been invited to host students during the break in their homes through our Holiday Host Program.

Students have three major airports to choose from in the NYC area, with a variety of transportation options, including taxi, bus, train, and subway. For information on getting to and from local airports, click here.

If your student is preparing to go on a Spring 2014 semester abroad program, you both are probably feeling a mix of excitement and nervousness. A great resource is the Parents' Page of the Study Away Website. Additionally, you can read about your student's study away location by choosing the city on the NYU Study Away website. If your student is living on campus and wondering what to do with their stuff while away, the Student Resource Center has put together a list of storage, moving, and shipping resources to assist with the process. Click here for more . . .

The registration period for the Spring 2014 semester begins on Monday, November 18, 2013. Registration for some courses can be competitive, and students typically make an effort to submit their course choices as early as possible. Students should be encouraged to contact their advisor if they have not already done so to ensure they are able to register at their scheduled time. Also note that students with outstanding balances may be blocked from registering and were recently notified of their status, which can also be checked on NYU's e-Suite or via NYU Albert. Read more on the process . . .

Living in the residence halls provides an invaluable complement to a student's academic career, allowing students to connect with people, places, and parts of the city like no other experience. For students wishing to experience on campus living, the Spring semester offers a perfect opportunity. To learn more about housing availability students should access the Housing Application via the housing forms page, available through the NYUHome > Housing Forms Log-In Channel. For more information, explore the Office of Residential Life and Housing Services website. The spring application deadline is December 3, 2013 for students not already in residence.

JANUARY SESSION: January 6-24, 2014
NYU's three-week January Term gives students the opportunity to take full advantage of the month-long winter break by taking courses for major/minor credit or to explore a new academic interest.
January Term offers students the chance to get ahead or catch up with their degree progress without the distractions of internships, work, club responsibilities, and the other usual demands on their time they balance during the fall and spring semesters. Course registration for January Term is now open, and financial aid is available.

Did you know that NYU students can access a 24-hour hotline, seven days a week, answered by mental health professionals who can help address day-to-day challenges students face such as making friends, stress, anxiety, and time management, as well as more serious issues like depression, sexual assault, alcohol and drug dependence, and eating disorders? The
Wellness Exchange is available for students who just need to talk or to call about a friend, and for parents who might need some advice on helping their student. The Wellness Exchange phone number is available on the back of every student's NYU ID card.

Call: 212-443-9999| Email: wellness.exchange@nyu.edu | Web: www.nyu.edu/999

MOMENTUM CAMPAIGN: Raising Funds for Scholarship Aide
On October 19, the University officially launched the Momentum Campaign -- its new endeavor to raise $1 billion exclusively dedicated to expand scholarship aid for students.

NYU is starting two new scholarship programs as outgrowths of Momentum Campaign: the Finish Line Grant program, and the Global Pathways Scholarship (GPS) program. The Finish Line Grant program, which will begin next semester, provides scholarship assistance to undergraduates receiving financial aid as they approach their final semester, lowering their debt upon graduation. The Global Pathways Scholarship program, which will start next fall, will review each student who has expressed an interest in studying abroad at one of NYU's global sites, and add to their financial aid package a grant (up to a maximum of $4,000) to cover the additional costs of studying abroad.

NYU is committed to maintaining the safety of our community. This Fall, the University launched the "Be Safe" campaign to help students maximize their safety where they live, study, work, and travel, and allowing them to take an active role by being informed, prepared, and aware. BeSafe provides safety and emergency preparedness information on such things as fire safety, street smarts, severe weather, active shooter, earthquakes and suspicious activity.

Read more about the Be Safe program . . .





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FALL 2013
Thanksgiving Break: Nov 28-29
Spring Term Bills Available: Dec 3
Final Exams: Dec 16-20
Winter Break: Dec 21 - Jan 1 (offices closed)

University Offices Open from break: Jan 2
Optional January Term: Jan 6-24
Spring Term Tuition Due: Jan 7
MLK Holiday: Jan 20 (offices closed)
First Day of Spring Classes: Jan 27

President's Day: Feb 17 (offices closed)
Spring Break: March 17-23
Final Exams: May 14-20
Graduation Week: May 19-23

Parent Helpline
The helpline is answered by professional staff in the Student Resource Center, and as a backup, trained student office assistants.
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Call: 212-998-4219 (M-F, 9am-5pm*)
Email: parents@nyu.edu
Web: www.nyu.edu/parents

*when the university is open

For emergencies throughout the year, the NYU Department of Public Safety and the Wellness Exchange, are available 24/7. Contact information is located on the back of Student IDs and below:

Public Safety:

Wellness Exchange:

212-998-1220 / www.nyu.edu/info.alert

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