Fall 2016
August Edition
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This Parent e-Newsletter is published monthly during the academic year for parents of current NYU undergraduate students by the NYU Student Resource Center.


Welcome new NYU Parents and welcome back Returning Parents! The NYU Parent Newsletter is a monthly online e-newsletter produced by the Student Resource Center to provide parents with important deadlines and information. This newsletter is distributed to parents of students from freshman to senior year, and serves to supplement the NYU Parents website which has numerous resources available to you and your student. Be sure to check the website regularly for calendars, contact information, and neighborhood resources. As you read through the information below, please let us know of any suggestions for future editions.

                                                                                              -- David Vogelsang, Executive Director

FOR PARENTS of Freshmen

STOP, DROP, and GO – Sunday, August 28 is Move-in Day and Welcome Day!   
We often get the question – What’s the day going to be like? First know that there will be over 5,000 new students moving into NYU residence halls on August 28, which makes check-in exciting and very hectic.  Student and staff volunteers will be on hand to assist with unloading cars, local parking information, and a schedule of Welcome Day events (which includes programs for parents).  If you happen to get lucky to park on the street, be sure not to leave your car unattended until after it is unloaded and pay attention to the parking signs. To make the process a bit smoother, remember that many items can be purchased in the city or delivered to the residence hall after your student has moved in.  There will also be opportunities to do shopping at local discount stores.  Visit your student’s Residence hall webpage for useful information on what to bring, staff contact information, and room/building amenities.

And of course, please help us make sure your student has submitted their photo for their NYU ID. It’s a quick and easy process, and will speed up the pick-up time in the Kimmel Center.  Go to photoid.nyu.edu for details.  Students should also have turned in required health information and immunization forms. For further assistance, please contact the Health Center at 212-443-1000.

FOR PARENTS of Transfers, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors

Transfers and returning students living on campus may begin moving into the residence halls at anytime beginning Sunday, August 28, 2016 and into the week.  As parking regulations will be in full effect, please be sure to observe all signs before parking or unloading your car. Fall semester classes will begin after Labor Day this year, on Tuesday, September 6, 2016. 

WELCOME WEEK / ORIENTATION (Freshmen and Transfers)

New students recently received an announcement about Welcome Week and School Orientation programs which begin on Sunday, August 28. School Orientation programs are the priority for students and supplemented with Welcome Week events featuring more than 500 events throughout the week providing students with opportunities to meet other students, explore the city and NYU offices, learn about campus safety, the subway, and more!  Please note that these programs are for students only. 

PARENTS DAY, Saturday, October 22, 2016
Parents of new freshmen and transfer students, as well as our parents of students transitioning from abroad sites, are invited to Parents Day in October. The day begins with a morning academic program hosted by the Undergraduate School or Program in which your student attends. Registration will open mid-September. If you would like a reminder when registration opens, please visit the Parents Day page to leave your name.

To kick-off the semester, returning students are invited to take part in a number of programs, receptions and the annual-Club Fair featuring hundreds of student organizations. Students should look for a formal announcement of events later this month.


NYU's Office of Undergraduate Admissions has partnered with a number of hotels to offer our guests year-round discounted rates for their stay while visiting New York City. To view the list and make reservations, click here.


  • 9/06: First Day of Classes for the Fall Semester
  • 9/20: Last day to add/change meal plans for Fall 2016 (www.nyu.edu/dining)
  • 9/30: Last day to select/waive student health insurance for Fall 2016. Click for more >>.

e understand the importance of advance planning for travel during class breaks and have provided a list of dates below. Note that residence halls remain open during all breaks. Fall break periods include:

  • October 10: Fall Break -- no classes for students. University offices open.
  • November 23-27: Thanksgiving Break, University closed.
  • December 24: Winter Break begins (exams are December 19-23) and continues until January 23, 2017 unless students attend classes during the optional January Session (January 3-20).

Students should also check their course syllabus or consult with their professor to confirm exam schedules as some classes may finish prior to exam week. Click here for a 2016-17 calendar.

For students looking for part-time employment (including work-study), the Wasserman Center for Career Development is a great resource for students -- providing an online job and internship database, career counseling, and career fairs. 

The NYU Website will be receiving a new look in the coming weeks.  In this update, you will notice a very different layout.  We hope these changes will provide you with better navigation of information and be easier to read on your personal devices.

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