Welcome to NYU!

Congratulations on your student’s acceptance to New York University. I know you must be very proud of this accomplishment, and we are so pleased that you and your student will soon join the NYU community.

We are especially honored to have your family at NYU because we understand that your student is one of the first in your family to attend college. These “First Generation” college students are an extremely special group of young people, and we truly value their presence here.

As Welcome Week and the start of the academic year approaches, I want you to know that there are many individuals available to assist your family navigate the vast amount on resources and services available to help your student succeed.

Marc Wais
Senior Vice President for Student Affairs

photo of Marc Wais, Senior Vice President for Student Affairs at NYU

Marc Wais, Senior Vice President for Student Affairs

What Does First Generation Mean?

At NYU, we use the term "First Gen" to refer to students who are first in their immediate family to attend college in the US.  We recognize that NYU is a big place and it's easy to get lost or miss important resources and services -- especially if you didn't know to look for them or know where to ask.  To help first-gen students and their families navigate all that is available in their success, a number of programs have been developed specifically to support first-gen students. 

If you're not finding what you're looking for below, you can contact the Parent Helpline for assistance at 212-998-4219 or by email at parents@nyu.edu.

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