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Frequently Asked Questions

 Below are some commonly asked questions by parents.  We have arranged the questions by topic.  If you don't find the question you want to ask, you can always call the Parent's Helpline at 212-998-4219 or email us at

What is Welcome Week and what’s the difference between Welcome Week and orientation?  NYU Welcome Week is sponsored by the Student Resource Center and is open to all new NYU students. Welcome Week is designed to compliment a student’s school orientation which runs concurrently.  During Welcome Week, students are provided opportunities to meet new people, get to know NYU, experience New York City, and have fun prior to the start of classes.

Are there programs for Parents?  Welcome Week programs are specifically for new students only, however, a "For Parent's Only" program is offered as a part of the many activities available on NYU Welcome Day. There are no parent programs during Welcome Week, however university representatives will be present at the NYU Welcome Day Info Fair on Move-In Day, which is open to parents. Parents are may also stop by the Student Resource Center for any additional questions.   

What if my student misses Welcome Week?  We hope that they don’t, but if necessary, have the student stop by the Student Resource Center to speak with a student or staff member about resources that were provided.  Students should also contact their school regarding an orientation programs they may have missed.

Other students I know have registered for class and I haven’t.  When will I register and will I get into the classes I want? The  registration period varies per school, but for the most part, will occur during the month of June for new students.  Registration usually occurs via telephone or online during the registration period and students are notified through either their NYU email account or US mail.  Advisors are also available to assist with questions. For additional information and school-specific contacts, please refer to the Next Stop NYU Orientation and Registration page.

When will I receive my housing assignment? Students will receive "Move-In Day" instructions with parking information, tips on what to bring and arrival times with their room assignment.  Information about roommates will be included in the housing notification which is communicated via email in July. Students will also receive a move-in appointment time and contact information of their roommate(s).


What is move-in day like?  Approximately 4000 new students will be moving into NYU residence halls on the same day, which makes check-in exciting and very hectic.  Students will receive a move-in time with their housing assignment, so keeping with the assigned time helps to make the process smoother for everyone.  Staff will be on hand to assist with unloading cars, parking directions, and carts.  To make the process a bit smoother, remember that many items can be purchased in the city or delivered to the residence hall after the student has moved in.  Visit the NYU Welcome Day page for information on the specific activities that compliment Move-In Day.


Is there anything going on for parents on Move-In Day or During Welcome Week?  Parents are invited to attend NYU Welcomes Day events, which include an Information Fair held throughout the day providing light snacks and opportunities to meet with representatives from a variety of university offices. Additionally, a "For Parents Only" welcome and Parent Welcome receptions and presentations will be offered through out the day.  Details will be provided in summer mailings, and at check-in.  Note that there are no programs for parents beyond Move-In Day.


Are there places to buy towels, sheets, etc? Major stores such as Kmart, Home Depot, Best Buy, Marshalls, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, as well as many local discount stores are located in the NYU area. Many offer discounts and specials to students during check-in, as well as delivery services.  There will also be shuttles available on move-in day to several major stores.  Details will be available at check-in. 


Where can students find a list of allowable items to bring to NYU? Residents are expected to supply their own pillows, blankets, towels, and linens/sheets (80" long/ “long twin”). Items such as incandescent or fluorescent study lights, surge protectors, curtains, rugs, posters, microwave ovens, alarm clocks, and other personal accessories are permitted and may be helpful. Prohibited items include halogen lights, candles, toaster ovens, hot plates, wall phones, and pets. Students may wish to coordinate with their roommate(s) in advance to avoid having multiple appliances such as TVs, microwaves, or small refrigerators. A complete list of items that students should bring as well as items that are prohibited in NYU residence halls is accessible on-line at: and click on Explore the Residence Halls, then click on "What to Bring" tab in the gray bar.


For students flying into to New York, what should they do about shipping things? Packages may be shipped directly to the residence hall, however, they cannot arrive before the student has checked into the residence hall.


Does NYU provide summer storage? Storage is not available during the summer, however residence hall staff can provide a list of local storage vendors who are not affiliated with the university.  A listing is also available on the Parents Website under the resources tab.


Can students stay in their room over breaks?  The residence hall contract allows students to stay throughout the year in the residence hall until checkout in May.  This includes holidays and breaks. The buildings are staffed and security is present 24/7.  

For additional frequently asked questions related to living on campus, email


When is the Immunization form due? Completed forms should be returned to Immunization Records Services at the Student Health Center, 726 Broadway, Suite 347, (212) 443-1199 by August 1st

I have a copy of my student's immunization records. Do I still need to complete the immunization section of the health history form? Yes. The form must be completed in its entirety. When you return the form, you may include any supporting documents signed by a physician.

I already submitted my student's immunization documents. Do I still need to complete the health history form? Yes. The health history form assists us in determining your student's needs for overall health and wellness while studying at NYU. If you have already submitted immunization documents, please complete the remaining sections of the health history form and return it to Immunization Records Services at the Student Health Center.

I submitted a health history form and then received one in the mail. Do I need to complete it again? No. NYU students are required to complete the health history form only once during their academic career. 

My student's doctor does not have the MMR or Meningitis vaccines. Can he/she get them at NYU? Yes. These vaccines are available for a fee at the Student Health Center. 

Can students come to NYU Health Center if they don't have NYU insurance? All matriculated NYU students may use the NYU Student Health Center (SHC) regardless of the source of their health insurance. All matriculated students will have access to routine and urgent primary and women’s health care visits at either no cost or at significantly reduced cost. Short-term counseling and wellness visits are also available at no cost.  This should provide an important safety net of basic health services for students at NYU.  

Even with this significant benefit, it is still mandatory for students to have insurance coverage that meets NYU requirements.  For SHC services not covered by the safety net benefit, payment will be expected at the time of visit, or will be billed to insurance plans.

My student is covered on my insurance plan.  Can I waive the NYU insurance?  Yes, you can waive the NYU insurance plan, however you must do so by the appropriate deadline and meet NYU insurance standards.

Students who waive the NYU-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plans in favor of alternative coverage should be aware that their insurers might not cover specialty services and certain procedures provided at our facility. For more information, click here.


Which meal plan should I select?  This decision is based on the individual and how many meals they will be likely to eat.  For example, if the student is not a morning person, then having enough meals that would include breakfast would not be worthwhile.  Students do have an option to change their meal plan in early September if they find the plan they signed up for doesn’t meet their needs. By default all freshman students are assigned a meal plan.

What is the difference between Campus Cash and Dining Dollars? Campus Cash is a debit-card-like feature of the NYU student ID, the NYUCard. Parents or students may deposit funds online into a student’s Campus Cash account via credit card or by cash on campus.  Campus Cash is accepted at the NYU Bookstore, at NYU Ticket Central, campus dining halls, and for on-campus laundry and vending machines, as well as at off-campus merchants. For complete details on Campus Cash, including a list of locations that accept Campus Cash, go to  

Dining Dollars is also a feature of the NYU student ID, in which a specific dollar amount is credited to a student’s NYU ID card with the purchase of a meal plan.  Dining Dollars can only be used in the dining halls or at campus dining facilities. They work on the same principle as debit cards and can be used to purchase beverages, snacks, or full meals, however only in NYU dining facilities.

How can I view my student's financial accounts and make sure I get the bill on time?  Access to student financial information and billing requires the student to provide access to the parent.  The following links will provide you with the process:


What banks are around NYU? When considering which bank to use in NYC, parents should think about bank chains that are located in their hometown first and then close to where their student will be living while at NYU. As students will only live around Washington Square their first year, a branch that has multiple locations in the city will be the most convenient in the long run.

Also, a bank in the student's hometown and in New York City allows even more convenience for parents to make deposits and assist with transactions.That being said, most of the major bank chains (i.e. Bank of America, Citibank, Chase, Capital One, Wells Fargo, Sovereign Bank, HSBC, Banco Popular, PNC Bank, and TD Bank) in the city have a number of branches and ATM lobbies throughout the city. Almost all offer free checking to students with an NYU ID.  Click here for additional information.






Does NYU provide transportation from the airports?
Because our population of students is national and international, flying into one of three airports, NYU is unable to provide transportation to and from airports.  However, there are a variety of very reliable options available – taxi’s, car-service, shuttle buses, and buses from major transportation hubs.  Additionally, travel is available via subway and train. Click here for more options.

Which airport should I fly into?  We suggest going with the airport that is most convenient for you, providing the most direct flight options.  The three major airports - Newark, LaGuardia, and Kennedy -- are all in similar proximity to Manhattan (New York City).  All airports offer a variety of transportation options.  Click here for more options.

Does NYU provide campus transportation? Campus Transportation Services are available daily while classes are in session from university facilities (primarily student residences further away). For routes and other information, go to  

Additionally, free overnight Safe Ride Van Service is operated 7 days per week, Midnight to 5AM.  The service operates every day during the academic semester, including weekends and holidays.

Does my student need a subway card?  For travel around NYC, students will likely take a NYC bus or subway that does require a MetroCard.  Pay-Per-Ride options are available and in most cases, the better option than purchasing a monthly card unless they will use it at least 7 days a week and two or more times per day.

Parents form an integral part of the study abroad experience by supporting their student’s choice to embark on this academic and life-enriching endeavor. A variety of helpful resources, from applying, to costs, student experiences, and information on our sites around the world.  Click below for more relevant information for parents:


Study Abroad / Study Away


What about computers, software, computer labs and printing? The NYU Computer Store sells both Apple and Dell laptops and desktops at educational discount pricing, and also sells computer accessories, software (great prices!), printers, and personal computing items such as iPads and iPods.  

Additionally, the Computer Store offers computer repair service. You can consult the Computer Store for computer purchase recommendations based on your student’s school or academic program; many students take advantage of interest-free loans at the Computer Store through the Store’s Deferred Payment Program.  See for more information.  


Are there Computers and Printing on Campus? NYU Computer Labs (Mac and PC) are available for free to all students, for locations see  In addition, computer labs provide access to a variety of software.  Students also receive a pre-loaded printing stipend to print at labs which they access using their NYU ID Card. 


How much of an allowance should I have each week? Because spending varies per person, we suggest that students begin by keeping track of their spending for a few weeks by writing down every amount spent. This includes snacks, meals (outside of the meal-plan), subway, bills, laundry, clothes, toiletries, postage and entertainment. This will provide a snapshot of what weekly spending will be like in NYC. Visit the Money Management website and click on Worksheets and Resources for helpful worksheets and advice on spending.


Should I purchase a phone in NYC? All the major carriers exist in New York City. The most popular are AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint.  Discounts are available for AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint with an NYU ID (the account needs to be in the student’s name). In addition, there are a number of other discounted carriers that provide pay-per-use phones.


What discounts are available for students at NYU? Transportation, entertainment, etc.Many of the area restaurants and stores offer discounts to students just by showing their NYU ID at the time of purchase. Additional listings are also available on the NYU Campus Cash website and Money Management website,


Additionally, NYU’s box office, Ticket Central, offers discounted tickets to movies, theatre, and other entertainment in the city and is located on the 1st Floor of the Kimmel Center at the Skirball Center for Performing Arts. 

When are the School Breaks?  Dates and deadlines are available under the Parent Resources tab on this page.  Note that classes are scheduled as usual the day before holiday breaks, however university offices may close at 4pm.  The university only closes on specific holidays and is open for business during the summer, Fall and Spring Breaks, and part of the Winter Recess.  

When will students be done with finals so a trip home for the holidays can be booked? The final exam schedule is available on the website of the University Registrar. Students should refer to the course syllabus, consult their professors, or check their Student Center in Albert for the exact time and day of each final exam. The final exam schedule is made available well in advance of the beginning of each term should students want to use that information in creating their schedule for the semester. Sitting for final exams as scheduled in the final exam period is an important academic obligation and cannot be excused because of travel plans. Students should therefore be sure to check their final exam schedules before booking their end-of-semester travel arrangements.

How does my student know if the university will be closed or classes cancelled due to inclement weather? In the event the university closes or classes are cancelled due to inclement weather, students will be notified via email, and in some cases, text message. Students can also call the Information Alert Line located on the back of their ID (212-998-1220) for messages. Information will also be posted on the NYU website.  Encouraging your student to provide their cell phone number in their Albert student record will insure they receive a phone or text message.  For parents, we encourage signing up for the NYU Parent email list which is how parents will be notified during emergencies or inclement weather. Click on the Staying Connected tab above.

Are students excused from classes for religious observances? New York University, as a nonsectarian institution, adheres to the general policy of including in its official calendar only certain legal holidays. Students who anticipate being absent because of any religious observance should notify their faculty in advance of such anticipated absence. Faculty are asked, that whenever feasible, examinations and assignment deadlines not be scheduled on religious holidays. Any student absent from class because of religious beliefs shall not be penalized for any class, examination, or assignment deadline missed on that day or days. If examinations or assignment deadlines are scheduled, any student who is unable to attend class because of religious beliefs shall be given the opportunity to make up that day or days. No adverse or prejudicial effects shall result to any student who avails him/herself of the above provisions.


What Happens on Parents Day? Parents Day programs offer an opportunity to learn about your student’s experience at NYU.  Deans and faculty members from each school/program host information sessions, student services offices feature presentations, and lunch is available in the University dining halls.  The afternoon includes workshops and a reception hosted by the NYU President.  The program is designed for the parents of first-year students. Unfortunately due to space constraints, we do not have an annual program for parents.  Click on the Parents Day tab above for more information.

For more information, go to or click on the Parents Day tab in the gray bar above.


Do I need to register for Parents Day? Yes, we ask that you register for Parents Day to help us gauge attendance. 


Why is the morning academic program open only to parents? We ask that only parents attend the morning academic program primarily because of space constraints. This is also the reason we only invite parents of first year undergraduate students to Parents Day. In other words, we don't have Parents Day every year for each class at this time -- however we hope you will always feel welcome to visit NYU at any time throughout your son or daughter's career. 


We're a divorced family and only one of us receives mail from NYU. How can both names be added to the mailing list? Currently the student's record only accommodates one permanent address, however, multiple email addresses can be added to the Parent Email listing which is mostly how NYU communicates to parents.  Click on the "Staying Connected" tab in the gray bar above for the link to add your email address.

My student has midterms at this time. Why is Parents Day scheduled around mid-terms?  We don't actually plan to schedule the program around mid-terms -- in fact, it varies per student and per class as to when midterms or papers are scheduled by professors. There is not one unified mid-term exam period.

I am unable to attend this year. Can I attend next year? You are certainly welcome to attend next year, just note that the program is focused on the student's first year -- especially the morning academic program. If you would like to attend, send us an email during the summer and we will add you to our mailing list or check the Parent's website for dates and RSVP information. Email:


Do parents get to meet their student's teachers or advisers on Parents Day? Unlike primary and secondary school (K-12), the relationship with professors and advisers at college is between the student and the professor or adviser. As a parent, encouraging your student to get to know their professor by meeting them during office hours or after class will go a long way in developing a good relationship. You should also encourage your student to meet with their adviser at least twice a semester to discuss academic progress and a pre-registration strategy for the following semester. 


Should I attend Parents Day? This is a personal question.  We understand that the date for Parents Day may not be convenient for everyone or even affordable to pay for another visit so soon after move-in.  Know that most of the workshops provided on Parents Day are presented by offices and staff from NYU and opportunities to speak with or visit offices is possible at other times of the year.  


What hotels are around NYU?  There are limited lodging options in the immediate NYU area, so don't limit yourself to just the area around campus.  NYU is easily accessible by most bus lines, subway lines, and the NJ Path Train. 


Nevertheless, New York City has become a popular destination over the years and as a result hotel prices have sky-rocketed. We suggest utilizing a travel agent or many of the online resources to search for hotels in New York City that meet your specific budget and accommodation needs. The Sunday New York Times travel section is a good source for information on special weekend packages and current rates, as do airlines when you book a trip.


If you're not sure where to start, we do have hotels on our website, as well as a hotels that NYU has a business relationship with.  Note that they may not meet everyone's needs, which is why we suggest looking at the many other alternatives for finding a hotel in NYC.




What resources are available for commuter students? Commuter and Off-Campus Student Services at the Student Resource Center supports students through programs and services specifically designed for commuters. Social and educational programs connect commuters with each other, residential students, and campus resources.

Major programs and resources include information on discounts for commuting, use of a kitchen, computers, and lounge, reserved lockers, and the sponsorship of overnight accommodations near campus for commuters.  All new commuter students are assigned a “Commuter Assistant,” an upperclass student who will assist new commuters with navigating NYU and making friends and connections with other NYU students.  For more information and contact information, click here.

Does NYU provide assistance to students who want to live off campus? The NYU Student Resource Center offers off-campus living resources to current and newly-admitted NYU students who are seeking private off campus apartment rentals. NYU does not have "off-campus" facilities.  Resources include a housing registry, links to apartment search websites, market and neighborhood information, and other relevant information.  Go to for more details.


Albert Manage Guest Users

Students have the option to provide other individuals (proxies) select access to their Albert records, such as:

  • Advisor Information (view only)
    Class Schedule (view only)
    Contact Information (view and update)
    Emergency Contacts (view and update)
    Exam Schedule
    Financial Aid (view only)
    Grades (view only)
    Graduation Status(view only)
    Holds (view only)
    Unofficial Transcript (view only)

Students can create and manage guest users only on the Albert Mobile website, which is accessible from desktop browsers as well.

CLICK HERE for more details.

For access to view student tuition and housing bills, as well as make payments, a request for access is required and can be made using eSuite. CLICK HERE for more information.


Help Guides

How can I verify my student’s enrollment for insurance or other reasons?  Students can view/print an enrollment certificate directly from Albert. Click here for instructions.

Access to Student Records - Albert Manage
Students now have the option to provide selected access to their Albert records to other individuals (proxies) such as parents and employers. Students can opt to allow access to:

  • Advisor Information (view only)
  • Class Schedule (view only)
  • Contact Information (view and update)
  • Emergency Contacts (view and update)
  • Exam Schedule
  • Financial Aid (view only)
  • Grades (view only)
  • Graduation Status(view only)
  • Holds (view only)
  • Unofficial Transcript (view only)

CLICK HERE for more information.


How do students find jobs? The Wasserman Center for Career Development is an excellent resource for students looking for on and off campus employment, as well as paid and unpaid internships.  Students must initially visit the office to gain access to the online employment resources.  Staff members are also available to assist with resume writing and other advice in seeking employment.  In addition, students can also inquire independently by contacting campus offices or other job sources to seek out employment.  Some of the larger campus employers include the NYU Phonathon, Coles Sports and Recreation Center, the Library, NYUBookstore, or even the academic department relative to a student’s course of study. 

What is work-study?  How do I get work-study? "Work-study" is the name given to federally subsidized on-campus jobs. Eligibility for work-study employment is determined by the NYU Office of Financial Aid and is usually listed on financial aid packages as "recommended term time earnings." A student with this award is eligible to apply for various work-study jobs throughout the University and work up to 20 hours per week, depending on the position.  Students without work-study are still eligible for campus jobs.  Additional information can be found at the Wasserman Center for Career Development. 


Emergencies and After Hours

NYU's Department of Public Safety Office (212-998-2222) and the Wellness Exchange (212-443-9999) are two emergency options available to students and parents , 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.  These numbers are also located on the back of a student's NYU ID Card.  Both departments will have access to the appropriate resources to assist you or your student.

For more information about these services, including campus safety, university closings, and other safety and health information, please click on the links below:




Sexual Assault and Bias Crime Prevention

Notice to Students

This notice is to inform students of the preventative measures taken by New York University ("NYU") to address sexual assault and bias-related incidents and crimes on campus.
Read More

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