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Sustainable Solutions

Willow Oak Tree Maintenance Plan

NYU will establish a Tree Maintenance Plan for the Willow Oak grove adjacent to Bleecker Street on the southern superblock.

Updated 02/02/16: Read the Tree Maintenance Plan.

Update 9/15/2013: The oak grove tree maintenance plan was implemented by NYU in June and July 2013.

Mature Tree Protection Plans: Mercer Street and LaGuardia Place

To the extent practical, NYU will endeavor to protect mature trees in close proximity to construction. NYU will create Mature Tree Protection Plans for two construction staging areas -- on Mercer Street between Bleecker Street and West 3rd Street, and on LaGuardia Street between Bleecker Street and West 3rd Street.

Storm Water BMP

NYU will develop and implement one or more plans incorporating best management practices to reduce the rate of peak discharge to the combined sewer system on the superblocks.

Updated 9/16/15: Stormwater BMP planning is underway.

  • Timing: NYU will submit best management plans to the Department of Environmental Protection prior to each building's development phase. Alternately, one consolidated plan may be submitted, providing that the DEP has a BMP for the relevant phase.
  • Collaborators: Department of Environmental Protection.
  • Reference: Restrictive Declaration section 4.3, page 48.

CoGen Tie-In

The Mercer Building, LaGuardia Building, and the northern portion of 181 Mercer Street (the Coles building) will be connected to NYU's cogeneration power plant.

Updated 9/16/15: Co-gen tie-in planning is underway.

LEED Certification

NYU will use reasonable and good faith effort to obtain LEED Silver Certification for all new buildings.

Updated 9/16/15: LEED certification and sustainability in general is a principle factor in the design of 181 Mercer Street (the Coles building); LEED planning is underway.

Emissions Reduction

NYU will switch the fuel in the central heating plant to natural gas or No. 2 fuel oil, or to an alternative fuel that will result in the same or lower emissions, before the occupation of 181 Mercer Street (the Coles building) or the Bleecker building.

  • Timing: Prior to the occupation of 181 Mercer Street (the Coles building) or the Bleecker building.
  • Collaborators: Department of City Planning, only in the event that NYU chooses a fuel other than natural gas or No. 2 oil.
  • Reference: Restrictive Declaration section 4.2, page 42.

Efficient Maintenance and Operations

NYU will use alternative fuels and efficient vehicles for the maintenance and operation of new buildings.

Water Conservation

NYU will implement water conservation strategies and measures such as low-flow toilets and faucets in order to arrive at 20 percent less than baseline water useage for new buildings.

  • Timing: To be part of the design/construction due diligence process for each building, prior to the receipt of a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy for any new building.
  • Collaborators: Department of City Planning
  • Reference: Restrictive Declaration section 4.3 (c), page 49.

Energy Efficiency

NYU will implement and incorporate energy efficiency measures in all new buildings, including high efficiency HVAC systems, high-albedo roofing materials, window glazing, motion sensors, and Energy Star appliances.

Building Energy Consultant

NYU will hire a qualified building energy consultant to report on the energy efficiency measures for each new building, ensuring that the construction and usage plans will result in at least 10% less energy consumption than the standards set forth in either state or city energy codes.

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