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The NYU Core Plan Process Going Forward

(Taken from the NYU Space Planning Fact Sheet)

After five years of strategic planning and input from our internal and external community, NYU’s Core Project was approved by the New York City Council in late July 2012. This approval grants the University a new “zoning envelope” in which it can construct new facilities over the coming years. NYU is now turning from strategic to tactical planning, beginning with a university-wide dialogue to establish priorities for core space within this envelope.

The Process Going Forward


  • The University Space Priorities Working Group – made up of faculty representatives appointed by the schools and the Faculty Senators Council, as well as representatives from the Student Senators Council and the Administrative Management Council – was formed in September 2012 to solicit meaningful input from our community.
  • The Working Group is chaired by Professor Ted Magder from the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development.
  • With the zoning envelope now defined, the Working Group has taken up the task of giving guidance to the University Administration on implementation of the Core project, including providing a crucial voice on plans for the initial building on the southern block; of taking account of the existing space needs of academic units and programs; and of listening to the implications of the project for members of the University community.
  • The Working Group deliberates in an open manner, soliciting input from the entire NYU community. It has created a designated website on which it posts material, solicits input and makes available reports of its deliberations.
  • Since its inception, the Working Group has reviewed numerous documents and received new material on all facets of space as a University resource and strategic need. The Working Group has met 17 times and formed three subcommittees to address relevant topics – Quality of Life, Finance, and Space. In the spring of 2013, the Working Group convened three Town Hall meetings, one on each topic.
  • In July 2013, the Working Group issued an interim report with three key findings: 1) the need for academic space is urgent and real, a significant portion of which can only be met on the south block; 2) better stewardship of the superblocks and improving community relations must be a high priority; 3) financial planning includes reasonably conservative and prudent assumptions for capital construction.
  • The Working Group is reconvening this fall to continue its deliberations and receive and consider responses to the Interim Report. Two Town Hall meetings are scheduled for September; a Final Report is scheduled for December 2013.
  • The University will not undertake any construction authorized by the NYU Core Project, beyond routine maintenance and required grounds improvement projects, before the receipt of the Working Group’s report in December 2013.
  • Information about the Working Group's process is upkept on their website.

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