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The NYU Core Plan as Approved

(Taken from the NYU Core Plan Fact Sheet)

After five years of strategic planning and input from our internal and external community, NYU’s Core Project was approved by the New York City Council in late July 2012. This approval grants the University a new “zoning envelope” in which it can construct new facilities over the coming years. NYU is now turning from strategic to tactical planning, beginning with a university-wide dialogue to establish priorities for core space within this envelope.

The Project as Approved


  • Grants permission for the University to develop 1.9 million square feet (above and below grade) on the two superblocks bounded by W. 3rd Street, Mercer Street, W. Houston Street and LaGuardia Place.
  • The approvals regulate maximum building massings and heights, and open space and use.
    Of the overall space that could be added, we estimate that the breakdown is: 53% for academic use; 17% student housing; 9% athletic; 6% faculty housing; 7% community (non-NYU) use; 5% other (including retail and parking) – but some flexibility is built in.
  • Phase 1 (2014-2021): South Block:
    • Development will start on the South Block and either the Coles or Morton Williams site can be built first. Construction will not begin until 2014 at the earliest. No architects or construction management teams have been hired.
    • Once the first building is underway, the entire site is considered vested.
  • Phase 2 (2022 and beyond): North Block:
    • No development of the Washington Square Village block before 2022.
  • More information about the approved project can be found at our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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