Louis Terracio, Professor and Vice Dean of Research at NYU College of Dentistry, Advocates for NYU 2031


Testimony of Louis Terracio

Vice Dean for Research

Professor, Basic Science and Craniofacial Biology

New York University College of Dentistry (NYUCD)

Before the New York City Planning Commission

For the Public Hearing on the New York University Core Project

April 25, 2012


Chair Burden and fellow Commissioners; my name is Louis Terracio and I am a Professor at NYU College of Dentistry. I live at 3 Washington Square Village and I support the 2031 plan. My reasons for supporting the plan are that NYU needs more space to meet its teaching and research mission. NYU has far less space than its peer institutions no matter how you measure it. For me personally, the rate limiting step in growing programs at the College of Dentistry is the lack of space. I know that everyone is focused on the super blocks at Washington Square, but what I like best about the plan is that it is very balanced with growth at WS but the majority of growth is not at the core, but at more remote sites. The CUSP project announced this week is an example of this as is the College of Dentistry and Nursing new building at 26th street and 1st avenue that will accommodate some of our needed growth in teaching and research space. The College of Dentistry and NYU are good citizens of the city of New York. The College provides dental care to over 30,000 citizens and is the safety net for many of our citizens. Over $20 million of the care given is uncompensated. We need space to meet our teaching, research and service missions and luckily we are getting some since we are at a distant site. No one is upset about expansion at 26th street or in Brooklyn because it is not in their back yard. Well most of the construction on the super blocks is in my back yard and although I will not enjoy the inconvenience of the construction, I will enjoy the final product. What is proposed will give us much more access to functional open space than we currently have. It coupled with the mitigation plans will result in a much improved quality of life for me and my family. I only hope that they complete it quickly so that I can enjoy it. Thank you.