Elizabeth Harper Williams, for Gay Men of African Descent, Advocates for NYU 2031


Elizabeth Harper Williams

Clinical Assistant

Gay Men of African Descent

July 26, 2012


Dear Chair Mark Weprin, Council Member Chin, Speaker Christine Quinn, and Council Member Leroy Comrie,

I am writing to express my support for NYU. NYU’s Silver School of Social Work students contribute greatly to the broader NYC community, particularly through the school’s field learning program. NYU Silver’s field placement program provides students with an opportunity to apply theory to practice and has contributed greatly to the success of our organization. Over the course of the 2009-10, 2010-11, and 2011-12 academic years, students helped our organization address challenges, conducted research, and identified opportunities where we can grow.

Our organization is the only organization of and for black men of color. We conduct HIV and syphilis testing, outreach, individual mental health counseling, support groups, and psycho-educational groups, activities for youth and elders, and an anti-stigma campaign, all of which is completely free. The partnership with NYU Silver has especially enhanced our organization’s capacity to do HIV testing, outreach, and most intake and individual and group counseling.

By allowing NYU to physically grow and continue their mission of education and service, they will continue to attract students from across the country who provide critical services and outreach to the community. Therefore, I urge you to support NYU.

Thank you for your leadership.


Elizabeth Harper Williams, LMSW