Brad's Coffee House Advocates for NYU 2031


Testimony of Soranlly Adames,

General Manager, Brad's Coffee House

Before the New York Planning Commission

For the NYU Core and NYU 2031: NYU in NYC

April 25, 2012


Chair Burden and fellow Commissioners:

I want to express my support for the NYU 2031 Core Expansion Plan. I have operated a local business, Brad's coffee house, in Greenwich Village since 2010.

NYU's students, faculty and staff have been loyal customers of my business since we opened, and I believe my establishment will benefit from the University's 2031 expansion plan. NYU contributed tremendously to the economy and energy of Greenwich Village, and I believe this plan will improve the vitality of the area.

I urge you to support this plan as it is thoughtful, has been responsive to the community's needs, and is extremely important for both the University and the City. By building on their own property and not extending further into Greenwich Village, creating enhanced and more usable open space, and donating land for a future public school, the NYU plan serves the needs of both the University and the local community.

Thank you for your leadership, and I once again urge you to vote in favor of this plan.


Soranlly Adames-Lopez