Nancy Ploeger, President of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, Advocates for NYU 2031

Burden and Fellow Commissioners:

As you know, MCC is a membership organization made up of businesses throughout the Borough of Manhattan, and acts as a community resource and voice for our local businesses. We are writing in support of New York University' s NYU Core plan and I would like to tell you why MCC and Manhattan-wide businesses support this proposal.

I don't think anyone could imagine NYC without NYU. From the chamber' s point of view, NYU's 16,000 employees and 55,000 students provide economic lifeblood for our city. It is estimated that NYU's Washington Square campus directly and indirectly accounts for more than $2.25 billion in economy activity every year and nearly 25,000 jobs. This projection can only be amplified by its presence in other areas of Manhattan.

While the impact is greater at certain times of the year, the overall impression and benefit can be felt year round. During spring commencement, some 30,000 people spend time in the Village and another 15,000 visit during fall semester back-to-school days. And the university hosts more than 50,000 prospective students and families every year for information sessions and tours. All these visitors shop, eat, relax and take in the sites throughout Manhattan that means they are spending money at local member businesses and strengthening our city's economy.

MCC believes that NYU Core is important for the economic future of NYC and specifically
Manhattan. In these tough economic times, the creation of jobs, research dollars flowing into the city and investment in the Borough all make the NYU Core the right idea for our members and for the City overall. MCC looks forward to the next 20 years and we know that great City's need Great Schools and this expansion will continue to allow NYU to be a great University for now and well into this century.

We hope you will take our comments and suggestions into consideration as you review NYU's


Nancy Ploeger
Manhattan Chamber of Commerce

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