Jerry Shea, President of the Ninth Precinct Community Council, Advocates for NYU 2031

Statement of Jeremiah Shea

President of the Ninth Precinct Community Council

For the New York University 2031 Core Project

April 19, 2012


Dear Elected Official:

New York University has been an inspiring part of my landscape for over fifty years. As the 2031 plan goes forward, where the concerns of the local neighborhood can be addressed, they should be. But I trust that our political leaders (and this is a time for leadership) will not lose sight of the big picture: namely, the city of New York and New York University's role in the city's life.

New York University is integral to the cultural, intellectual, and financial future of our city. Along with Columbia, CUNY and other great centers of learning, New York University is a treasure to be valued and supported.

I am the President of the Ninth Precinct Community Council. Although I am not speaking for the Council here, I can tell you that NYU has always been a staunch supporter of our neighborhood. Among the projects to which NYU has lent invaluable help is our annual Christmas Event for the children of the Lower East Side, collecting hundreds of toys, as well as providing entertainment and snacks for all. Even when it comes down to the needs of individuals in the community with no fanfare involved, it has been my experience that when asked for help, NYU has come through without hesitation.

I hope your experienced leadership can be brought to bear on this matter and help to secure a bright future for our city.