Documents and Downloads

Explore materials related to aspects of the NYU Core Project, including the background of the project's genesis and passage, the current state of the University's commitments, and the process going forward.

Visit the Construction on the Superblocks page for updates on construction projects related to the superblocks. Contact Community Engagement if you have further questions.

Commitments on the Superblocks 

Open Space Oversight Organization

University Space Priorities Working Group

The NYU University Space Priorities Working Group (USPWG) was tasked with giving definitive guidance to the University Administration on implementation of the Core Plan; of taking account of the existing, pressing space needs of academic units and programs; and of listening to the implications of the NYU Core Project for members of the University community. In March 2014, the USPWG issued their final report.

Superblock Stewardship Advisory Committee

The Superblock Stewardship Advisory Committee has been established to provide advice to the University and a forum for consultation on quality-of-life issues on both blocks before, during, and after construction.

Advocates for NYU 2031

During the ULURP approval process, many individuals voiced statements of support for the Core Plan.