Sidewalk Restoration<br/>3-5 Washington Place

As part of a multi-year renovation, this project targets vaults and sidewalks on the southern half of Mercer Street and the western half of Washington Place.

The larger scope of the project targets the perimeter of an academic block bound by Mercer Street, Washington Place, Broadway, and Waverly Place. Because this is work occurs in a New York City Historic District, this project requires permission from the Landmark Preservation Commission.


Information for Neighbors


Project Timeline

  • The project will begin on or around June 25, and is scheduled to be completed by early August, 2013.
  • Work is expected to start on Mercer Street. Work there will be completed before renovations begin on Washington Place. Note that this sequencing is subject to change.

Scope of Work


  • The renovation involves demolition of the concrete top slab, waterproofing, pouring of new concrete, and sidewalk restoration.
  • Jack hammering will be required for approximately one week of demolition at the start of both the Mercer and Washington phases of this project.
  • To mitigate noise and dust, an enclosed sidewalk shed will be built. The shed will significantly reduce emanations of sound and dust.
  • The Mercer Street restoration is expected to involve minor abatement of asbestos containing material, or ACM. Learn more about NYU's abatement protocols.

Updates and Announcements


Construction Update, September 18, 2013: Project Update

The vault and sidewalk repairs along Mercer Street are complete and the renovations along Washington Place continue. The repairs are scheduled to be complete and the sidewalk entirely restored by late September 2013.

Construction Update, June 13, 2013: Tentative Project Details Established

Details for the sidewalk repair at 3-5 Washington Place have been established, including work hours, the project timeline, and the scope of work.