English Department<br>244 Greene Street

The renovation of 244 Greene Street will create a new home for the NYU English Department. The project will include internal work (including asbestos abatement), roof replacement, external conduit installation in the courtyard, and sidewalk vault replacement work for pedestrian safety. All floors are being renovated to accommodate academic space.


Information for Neighbors


Project Timeline

  • Work will begin in mid-to-late March, 2012 and is scheduled to be completed in spring, 2013.
  • Sunday work may be required, and advance notice will be given to nearby residents if work is necessary.

Scope of Work


  • Construction: All floors will be renovated for academic space, involving interior demolition and renovation. All first floor windows will be replaced. Conduits will be installed in the courtyard, requiring courtyard access for contractors. Additionally, the building's roof will be replaced.
  • Staging: Staging will take place primarily along the east side of Greene Street between Washington Place and Waverly Place.
  • Greene Street Cobblestones: The preservation of the Greene Street cobblestones, which will involve their temporary removal, will follow Department of Transportation guidelines. Once removed, the stones will be catalogued and stored until they can be returned to their original location once the project is complete.
  • Traffic: the eastern traffic lane and pedestrian sidewalk on Greene Street will be closed to accommodate a shed built for noise mitigation during vault work. The western sidewalk will remain open throughout the job. In addition, related vault work on Washington Place will require temporary closing of the sidewalk on Washington Place and a limitation of parking spaces across from the sidewalk shed. Additionally, there will be no parking on Greene Street during the project.
  • Abatement Work: During the asbestos removal process, or abatement, contractors take numerous precautions to minimize dispersal of asbestos fibers, including wetting the materials and sealing the building's ventilation system. Learn more in the FAQ section of this page.
  • Dust: To reduce the amount of dust generated during construction, walls and floors will be sprayed with water just prior to demolition. All contractors will comply with OSHA's demolition requirements as well as NYU's dust control requirements.
  • Pest mitigation: Rodent and insect traps have already been installed in the building's basement. As part of the construction project, we will conduct regular pest mitigation that closely follows Department Of Building standards.

Updates and Announcements


Construction Update, February 13, 2013: Progress Report

Interior work and roof work continue at 244 Greene Street during regular project hours, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. As with any type of construction activity, the noise on the streetscape may be audible at adjacent and neighboring buildings. Roof work is scheduled for completion in early March; the project is scheduled for overall completion in early spring.

Construction Update, January 31, 2013: Progress Report

Interior demolition and rooftop work continue at 244 Greene Street. As with any type of construction activity, the noise on the streetscape may be audible at adjacent and neighboring buildings.

Construction Update, December 20, 2012: Progress Report

Internal renovation and roof work proceed as planned. The scaffolding is expected to come down by December 28.

Construction Update, November 9, 2012: Scaffolding

A scaffold will be placed in the entrance to the building courtyard (between 15 Washington Place and 244 Greene Street) in order for roof work to be completed. The scaffold will span from the ground floor to the 8th floor with workers working on the top level of the scaffold. This work is anticipated to start the week of November 9, 2012 and take approximately three weeks to complete. Regular project hours are 8:00 am - 6:00 pm. This work is weather dependent.

In all cases, the packer truck will park and remove materials from 10th Street until 5:00 pm, at which time it will relocate to Broadway for the remainder of the working shift.

Construction Update, November 9, 2012: Window Replacements

Window replacement work has begun on the first floor of 244 Greene Street. This work is weather dependent and is estimated to take approximately 2 weeks to complete.