14 Washington Place<br>Window Replacements

To improve quality of life in response to residents' requests, NYU is conducting window replacements at 14 Washington Place, installing new double-paned windows on floors 2 through 10 as well as in select locations on floors 10 through 14 and in the penthouse. The new windows will be significantly more sound resistant and energy efficient than the existing panes.


Information for Neighbors


Project Timeline


  • The project will begin with material deliveries around December 7, 2012, and is targeted for completion on or around March 15, 2013. Extreme weather may postpone this anticipated completion date.
  • There will be periodic deliveries via a service entrance on Greene Street. Deliveries will arrive no earlier than 8:00 am. Materials will be stored in a courtyard shed prior to installation.
  • Window replacements will start on the 9th floor, followed by work on the 8th and 7th floors. Work is expected to take approximately 1-2 weeks per floor. Schedules showing two-week outlooks will be regularly updated and made available in the building's lobby. Additional outreach will be forthcoming to individual floors prior to the start of work that may impact them.

Scope of Work


  • Installation is expected to take approximately 48-72 hours per apartment, including a half day of preparation, the installation itself, and a half day to cleanup.
  • Movers will reorganize apartment furniture to allow contractors to access the windows, and will be available throughout the project. Apartment access can be coordinated through the building superintendent.
  • Residents will not need to leave their apartments during the installation, but two apartments will be made available for tenants as “rest areas” for any who prefer to be outside of their apartment while the work is taking place.
  • Pets will need to be temporarily removed from any work area while installation is occurring inside of an apartment.
  • When work is taking place on a given floor, protection will be installed inside of the hallways.
  • In cases where installation cannot be completed in a single work day, windows will remain covered and insulated overnight.
  • A protective sidewalk bridging will remain up around the perimeter of 14 Washington Place for the duration of the project as a precautionary measure. There will be no swing scaffold as part of this project as the windows will be installed from the inside of the building.