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Local Law 11 Facade Repairs 246 Greene Street

NYU will be undertaking standard Local Law 11 repairs to the facade of 246 Greene Street.


Information for Neighbors


Project Timeline


  • The project is scheduled from June to August, 2014.
  • Work will begin with the installation of pipe scaffolding.

Scope of Work


Project Details

  • Facade repairs will require the occasional grinding and removal of mortar and masonry. This work is done with small hand tools and will create some noise. A minimal amount of dust will be generated in the area immediately surrounding the work.
  • Sidewalk bridging to protect pedestrian traffic will be erected around the perimeter of the building.
  • As with most Local Law 11 work, contractors will use a swing scaffold to lower themselves down the side of the building.
  • If any asbestos containing material, or ACM, is detected in the mastic that lies behind the brick facade, contractors will implement safe abatement protocols to securely dispose of it. Contractors can only detect ACMs when they removed bricks; if they discover any, they will safely handle, remove, and bag the material, whereupon it will be transported to a protected ACM disposal unit.

What is Local Law 11?

  • Local Law 11 is a New York City Department of Buildings statute that requires facades maintenance on buildings of six or more stories every five years. First, a certified architect or engineer determines whether potentially dangerous deterioration has occurred on a building's exterior faces. The contractor then files recommendations with the city. Finally, the building owner schedules the necessary facade work and is required to complete it in a timely manner.
  • Local Law 11 work generally involves replacing masonry elements such as terra cotta, limestone, cast stone, and bricks; applying new mortar, caulking, and sealant; and patching spalled masonry. Repairs are usually localized to specific spots which have been highlighted by an architect, rather than occurring over an entire building face. All of a building’s exterior walls are assessed for maintenance needs.

Updates and Announcements


Construction Update, September 2, 2014

Work is scheduled for completion during the week of September 2. Sidewalk bridging is scheduled for removal during week of September 8, followed by approximately one week of minor masonry work.

Construction Update, June 31, 2014

Work has been scheduled for Saturdays during August.

Construction Update, June 9, 2014

The project timeline has been established and work has begun.


Image copyright Peter Morgan.

Work hours


  • Monday - Friday
    7:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Neighbors will be given advanced notice of any changes to the work schedule.

Latest News

September 2 2014

Work is scheduled for completion during the week of September 2, followed by the removal of sidewalk bridging and minor masonry work.

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