Using Funding to Make a Difference

NYU Government Affairs secures local, state, and federal funding for University initiatives that address the needs of our local community as well promote change throughout the world.

Turning Government Funding Into Real-World Change

Through research funding and government grants, NYU faculty and students contribute to the community through a variety of programs and outreach efforts. A few examples of these efforts are below:  

  • NYU Research
    From mathematics to philosophy, economics to art history, neuroscience to sociology, and beyond, NYU research takes our quest for cultural and intellectual progress to new frontiers.
  • NYU Incubators
    NYU’s incubators provide guidance, expertise, and resources to help new business ventures thrive and have generated more than $352 million in economic activity and 1255 jobs since 2009. NYU's Incubator Program received designated and support as a "New York State Certified Business Incubator" in 2013.
  • NYU Dental Local Outreach
    The Smiling Faces, Going Places van, is just one example of critically-needed dental services, oral health preventive care, and educational programs NYU Dental brings to the NYC Community. The van visits more than 60 public schools, community centers, and health fairs annually seeing over 2,000 children annually.  
  • NYU Veteran Support
    Through the Veteran Entrepreneurship Training (VET) program and Bunker Labs New York, located at NYU's Digital Future Lab, veterans looking to transition into entrepreneurship or who have early stage companies are able to develop their skills further at NYU.                                            
  • NYU Entrepreneurship
    NYU fosters innovation and entrepreneurship across the University through a wide variety of programs, events, and resources meant to inspire, educate, connect, accelerate, and fund NYU entrepreneurs. NYU has a rich history of fostering innovators and helping them succeed in the consumer market.
  • NYU STEM Initiatives
    The NYU School of Engineering’s Center for K-12 Stem Education develops lessons and techniques that teach STEM concepts through creative experiments and hands-on projects.
  • NYU Nonprofit and Public School Partnerships
    NYU students, faculty, and alumni make a difference in their communities. The NYU Community Engagement coordinates a variety of programs that support public school classrooms and help nonprofit organizations ply their missions.

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