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Leadership Team

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Lynne Brown

Lynne Brown, Ph.D.

Lynne P. Brown is the Executive Director of the John Brademas Center at New York University, where she works to develop the overall mission, messaging and strategic planning for the Center. Dr. Brown is also Senior Vice President for University Relations and Public Affairs. In that position, she is responsible for the University's interaction with government at all levels, outreach to the community, strategic communications, and university events. She oversees the offices of: Government and Community Affairs, Civic Engagement, University Events, Advertising and Publications, Web Communications, Media Production, and Public Affairs.

Michael DiNiscia

Michael DiNiscia

Michael F. DiNiscia is the Deputy Director of the Brademas Center. He oversees the Center's research, international conferences, development, and outreach. Before joining the NYU Brademas Center, he served as special assistant to the chairman of the National Endowment for Democracy and as program associate for education and studies at the Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs. He holds a BA in History from NYU and is a member of the Advisory Council of the American Ditchley Foundation.

Thomas McIntyre

Thomas McIntyre

Tom McIntyre is the Assistant Director of the John Brademas Center at New York University where he oversees the Center’s program agenda, acts as the Congressional liaison and coordinates its Congressional Internship Program. Recently, collaborating with other Congressional centers, he has created The Young Leaders Network, connecting today’s young leaders to established policymakers, experts and mentors in Washington, DC.

Yvonne McGlue

Yvonne McGlue

Yvonne McGlue is the Administrative Manager at the Brademas Center. Yvonne began her career at NYU in 1986 working with Dr. John Brademas when he was president and later serving as Manager of his NYU President Emeritus office. Drawing on her wealth of institutional knowledge, her portfolio currently includes a wide range of administrative and office duties related to the operation of the Center in New York and coordinating with Washington, DC based staff for the Center’s activities in the nation’s capital.

Alberta Arthurs

Alberta Arthurs, Ph.D.

Alberta Arthurs is Senior Fellow at the John Brademas Center at New York University and a consultant and commentator active in the fields of culture, philanthropy, and higher education. She was the Director for Arts and Humanities at the Rockefeller Foundation for over a decade and prior to this position served as President and Professor of English at Chatham University in Pittsburgh. Dr. Arthurs served as Dean of Undergraduate Affairs and Acting Dean of Freshmen at Harvard College and Dean of Admissions, Financial Aid, and Women’s Education at Radcliffe College. She has taught English at Harvard and has taught and held administrative positions at Rutgers University and Tufts University.

Tim Naftali

Timothy Naftali, Ph.D.

Tim Naftali is a Senior Fellow at the John Brademas Center at New York University where he resides as the principal interviewer for the Reflections Project: Congress in America. With a joint appointment, Dr. Naftali is a Clinical Associate Professor of History and Public Service and co-director of NYU’s Center for the United States and the Cold War. A native of Montreal and a graduate of Yale with a doctorate in history from Harvard, Dr. Naftali writes on national security and intelligence policy, international history and presidential history. Using Soviet-era documents, he and Russian academic Aleksandr Fursenko wrote the prize-winning One Hell of a Gamble: Khrushchev, Castro and Kennedy, 1958-1964 and Khrushchev’s Cold War, the latter winning the Duke of Westminster’s Medal for Military Literature in 2007 and inclusion on Foreign Affairs’ 2014 list of the ten best books on the Cold War. As a consultant to the 9/11 Commission, Dr. Naftali wrote a history of US counterterrorism policy, published as Blind Spot: The Secret History of American Counterterrorism.