John Brademas Center

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Inspired by its founder, the former Congressman and NYU President Emeritus, the John Brademas Center of New York University pursues a collection of initiatives in the areas—the state of Congress and the legislative process in democracies; the shifting dynamics in foreign policy and international affairs; and, the present state and future prospects for higher education, the humanities, arts and culture—which formed the core of John Brademas' life in public service. With a growing reputation as a home for informed and civil debate on politics, public policy and other major issues facing the nation and global community—the NYU Brademas Center undertakes programs at NYU's campuses in New York City and Washington, D.C., and increasingly around NYU’s global network.

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Research and Initiatives

The Center conducts research consistent with its mission of developing a greater understanding of policy issues that were at the core of John Brademas' public life and of Congress. Research focuses not only on examining the rules and procedures of Congress but also on the ways in which the Senate and House of Representatives help determine the substance of law and policy for the Government of the United States—through their leaders, committees, caucuses, conferences, staffs and individual members, and through the interaction of Congress with the executive and judicial branches. Projects commissioned by the Center also examine policy implications on public life, and how legislation can expand or better it's effects. 

Young Leaders Network

The Young Leaders Network, a program that aims to connect young professionals from Congressional offices and Congressional Centers around the country, works to deepen it's participant's exposure to, and their understanding of, government. It features regular round table discussions with officials, staff, and experts at the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C.


The Center produces publications consistent with its mission. Publications focus not only on examining the rules and procedures of Congress but also on how policy influences culture and everyday life.