NYU Advocacy

NYU’s advocacy has been crucial to advancing higher education initiatives, expanding access to higher education through financial aid, securing resources to support the University’s research agenda, and participating in local economic development efforts.

Photo: DC Day 2013

Higher Education Policy

NYU advocates and liaisons, including students and alumni, have helped legislators create better opportunities for college hopefuls everywhere to gain access to higher education. Many of these students attend NYU: federal financial aid supports approximately 57% of our undergraduate student body, while New York State aid programs support NYU undergraduate students through more than $13 million in direct financial assistance.

Statements and Letters of Support for Legislation  

Research Initiatives and Economic Development

As a modern research institution, NYU  advocates for continuous government investment for research initiatives that both educate our students and discover new knowledge through scholarship.  NYU received approximately $344 million in federal research funding in 2015, as well as State and City grants.  

Announcements and Letters of Support for Legislation  

Health Policy

As home to Colleges of Dentistry, Nursing and Social Work, NYU advocates for policies such as healthcare workforce issues, professional licensure requirements for these fields, and variety of other topics that impact our health programs.

Letters of Support for Legislation  

Testimony to the Government

Academic Affiliations

NYU collaborates with associations dedicated to expanding and strengthening the government’s investment in research, financial aid, and higher education.