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Requirements and Guidelines


Event spaces in the Kimmel Center and the Global Center for Academic and Spiritual Life are intended for University events and events sponsored by University community members, organizations, programs, and offices. Space will not be rented to organizations or individuals without a University affiliation or sponsorship. 

Space requests for alumni hosting private social events (weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, etc) will also be considered. An active alumni card is required and availability is limited to non-peak academic periods (weekends during January and June through early August.) Please complete the inquiry form for more information.

Clients booking space at NYU are required to sign a reservation contract and provide a certificate of insurance (COI).

The Skirball Center for the Performing Arts requirements and guidelines are available here.

The Torch Club's requirements and guidelines are here.

Guidelines & Procedures for the Kimmel & Global Centers

1.0 NYU

Kimmel Operations manages the Kimmel Center for University Life, reserves meeting and programming space, and provides event planning and conference services for University and University sponsored clients. Kimmel Operations can be reached at (212) 998-4900.


New York University students, faculty, staff and alumni, conference participants and those attending scheduled events have access to the Kimmel Center. In addition, visitors who are guests of NYU students, faculty and staff have access to the Center.

2.1 Daily Access-NYU Students, Faculty, Staff and Alumni

Entrance is with a valid NYU ID card that is swiped through the turnstiles or presented to Kimmel or Security staff. Alumni must present a valid NYU Alumni card or a Coles Alumni Card with a valid government issued photo ID.

2.2 Guest Policy

Faculty, staff and students with valid NYU ID cards may host two non-NYU guests in Kimmel. Guests must be accompanied by their NYU host, present a valid government issued photo ID and sign the guest register. NYU hosts are responsible for the actions of their guests at all times during their visit to the Kimmel Center.

2.3 Event and Conference Access

Access for non-NYU guests for specific programs is by ticket for ticketed events or by registering at the front desk for non-ticketed events. All guests must present a valid government issued photo ID to Security personnel or Kimmel staff.

2.3.1 Ticketed Events

Arts, entertainment and major academic events may be ticketed through the Ticket Central box office. Tickets specify that a valid government issued photo ID accompany the ticket for admission.

2.3.2 Conference participants

Conference participants will be asked to present a valid government issued photo ID at registration.

2.4 Office Visitors

Offices within the Kimmel Center should provide a list of daily expected visitors to Security staff at the front desk. Guests must provide a valid government issued photo ID and must sign the guest register.

2.4.1 Unannounced Visitors

Guests visiting an office unannounced must call from the front desk to be met and escorted by staff from that office.

2.5 Accessibility

The Kimmel Center is an ADA-compliant facility and, in keeping with University policy, is committed to serving the needs of those with disabilities.


All programs held at the Kimmel Center must have a New York University affiliation or have New York University sponsorship. Programs held at the Kimmel Center are either University or University sponsored organizations. All organizations must adhere to Federal, State and City laws and the policies of New York University and the Kimmel Center.

3.1 University Organizations

University organizations are defined as schools and colleges, academic departments, institutes, administrative departments, student organizations registered with the Office of Student Activities or with their school student activities department and other organizations with official, recognized affiliation with New York University. All University organizations must have a valid University chartfield for the payment of fees. The event sponsor must be identified as an individual of that University organization with the authority to approve payments. Payments by personal or third party check are not allowed.

3.2 University Sponsored Organizations

University sponsored organizations must be sponsored by a unit of the University that will assume responsibility, including financial obligations, for the organization. The purpose and objectives of the University sponsored organization must be consistent with the educational purposes of the University and not conflict with any legal restrictions on the use of University facilities.

3.3 Insurance for 501(c)(3) Organizations

Approved organizations holding events in the Kimmel Center must provide comprehensive liability insurance for events naming New York University as an additional policy holder. Coverage amounts are $2 million for each occurrence and $4 million in general aggregate.


Room reservations can be made online (online reservations); or in writing using the online form via fax or interoffice mail.

4.1 Authority

Reservations must be arranged by a person authorized to make financial contracts for the requesting organization. Billing arrangements must be clearly determined prior to confirmation of any reservation.

4.2 Cancellations

Cancellations for Eisner & Lubin Auditorium, Rosenthal Pavilion, Colloquium, Grand Hall and Lecture Hall C-95 must be made in writing at least 30 days prior to the event or 14 days for all other spaces. Notice of cancellation must be received in writing by email to or by fax to 212-995-4094. If cancellation notice is not received by the time indicated above, 50% of the space fees will be charged to the organization. If no cancellation notification has been received the organization will be assessed 100% of the room rental costs.

4.3 Quick Turnarounds

Last-minute reservations can be made  through e-mail, phone (212 998-4900), or in-person at the Kimmel Operations office. Reservations are limited to available space, setup as-is, and cannot request media support.

4.4 Transfer

No event sponsor may transfer a reservation to another organization, nor may space reserved for an approved program be used for another purpose. This may result in the loss of the current and future reservations as well as an assessment of fees.

4.5 Confirmation

Unless there is an unforeseen emergency, the event is confirmed once the confirmation is received by the client.

4.6 Rights Reserved

Kimmel Operations reserves the right to refuse and/or cancel any reservation at any time for any reason and will make every effort to locate an alternate space.

4.7 Fees

Organizations are responsible for all room, media and other fees associated with the space reserved.

4.8 Liability

New York University does not assume any liability for articles that are stolen, misplaced or left on University property.


5.1 Supersession

All facilities at New York University are governed by the Guidelines for the Use of University Facilities, the policies of New York University and the Kimmel Center and the laws of New York City, State and the Federal Government. Use of the facilities is limited to University faculty, students and staff and University affiliated organizations and their guests. Non-University organizations must be sponsored by a University department or school.

5.2 Contractual Stipulations & Follow-Through

All events scheduled must be conducted in the manner stipulated in the contract. No changes or additions can be made in this contract unless confirmed in writing by Kimmel Operations.

5.3 Catering

Catering for all official events in the Kimmel Center and the Global Center for Academic and Spiritual Life is provided through Top of the Square Catering.

5.4 Alcohol

The University restricts the use of alcoholic beverages in campus facilities.


All organizations serving alcoholic beverages must state that on the reservation form.


All organizations must adhere to the University Policy on Use of Alcohol.


Alcoholic beverages may only be purchased and served through Top of the Square Catering.

5.5 Animals

Animals are not permitted in the Kimmel Center unless assisting a disabled person.

5.6 Outside Vendors

No outside vendors are permitted in public spaces;vendors are permitted only in spaces reserved by organizations.

5.7 Smoking

There is no smoking in the Kimmel Center including outdoor terraces in accordance with NYC law.

5.8 Vehicles

Skateboards, skates and cycles are not permitted in the building. (Cycle racks are provided in the lobb of the Global Center for Academic and Spiritual Life.)

5.9 Deliveries

All event sponsors wishing to have deliveries made must coordinate this through Kimmel Operations. The Kimmel Center will not accept deliveries that have not been arranged in advance.

5.10 Parking

Parking arrangements must be made by the event organizer. Parking is not available at the Kimmel Center.

5.11 Event Termination

All equipment and supplies furnished by the event organizer must be removed at the end of the event. The University and the Kimmel Center assume no responsibility for damage to or loss of equipment and materials left in the Kimmel Center.

5.12 Copyright Authorization

All videos and copywrited DVDs to be viewed in the Kimmel Center must be obtained from an authorized distributor in accordance with copyright laws.

5.13 Guest Speakers

All organizations inviting a guest speaker must identify that speaker on the reservation form in accordance with the Guidelines Regarding Protest and Dissent. If there are potential security or other public safety issues, a meeting with Public Safety officials may be arranged.

5.14 Age

No one under 18 years of age is admitted to the Kimmel Center unless they are an NYU student or they are accompanied by a parent, guardian, an NYU ID holder or have special permission from Kimmel Operations.

5.15 NYU Public Affairs and the Media

University Relations & NYU Public Affairs must approve any media coming to cover an event.

5.16 Photography

All photographing in the Kimmel Center must be approved in advance by Kimmel Operations. Filming and video-taping are not allowed in the Kimmel Center unless as a part of a scheduled program and approved by Kimmel Operations.

5.17 Safety

Event organizers may be asked to attend a public safety briefing if the program falls under the Guidelines Regarding Protest and Dissent or because of potential crowding or safety issues.

5.18 Banners

No banners, posters or other hangings are allowed on the public walls or the exterior of the building unless authorized by Kimmel Operations.

5.19 Balloons

Balloons filled with helium, confetti, and silly string are prohibited.

5.20 Solicitation

Soliciting of any kind is strictly prohibited.

5.21 Fire

Open flames of any kind are strictly prohibited.